Hungarian watermelons sold by SPAR stores in Slovenia and Croatia

August 6, 2015 IN THE CATEGORY: Responsible retailing, Sourcing

SPAR customers in Slovenia & Croatia will this summer be able to experience the unique taste of Hungarian watermelons, benefiting from the SPAR Partnership between these three countries through their parent company, Aspiag.

Last year, SPAR stores in Hungry sold more than 2,300 tonnes of watermelon. SPAR has for a long time been a committed supporter of watermelon production in Hungary and has for many years used several marketing tools to promote the consumption of the fruit.  During the summer, many SPAR stores ensure consumers can taste Hungarian watermelon.  The support of SPAR to local growers results in no imported watermelons being available during this period.

Due their constantly good quality and guaranteed security of supply, watermelons from Hungarian producers will be exported to both Slovenia and Croatia this summer, for as long as the season lasts.

Promotion of the fruit is not only important for consumers and watermelon enthusiasts, but it is also in the interest of producers. Both the production and consumption of watermelon have gradually increased in the county, enabling the sector to provide a living to thousands of families and creates more jobs, as export grows.