SPAR Gran Canaria celebrate 30th Anniversary in style!

December 23, 2016 IN THE CATEGORY: All News

There was much to celebrate for the team in Gran Canarias recently – the 30th anniversary of the business together with the grand opening of the greatly expanded Distribution Centre.
Three decades of entrepreneurship is seen in the strong community involvement inherent to the company which is embedded in the very fabric of society on the island, rapid growth of the retail section and the inclusion of international products and foods into the offer to meet the tourist sector needs.

The investment of €10 million into the new 14,000m² of surface area and new operational systems for the full 35,000m² of warehousing space in the Distribution Centre has set the group in good shape for growth in future. The learning shared by supply chain colleagues from around the globe through SPAR International supported this vital initiative.

With an increase in capacity of 120%, additional stocking of 3,700 new SKUs, inclusion of a dynamic gravitational order picking system which optimises volumes, a hoist system which facilitates order consolidation, 17 new loading bays and 12,500 new pallet rack slots, the expanded distribution centre has already delivered cost savings and improved efficiency levels.

Celebrating the occasion, President of SPAR Gran Canaria Ángel Media said: “The challenge for the new generation will be to continue working for Gran Canaria for many more years, building on the great family business we have developed with confidence, passion and warmth reflected in everything we do.”

Also present at the opening event were several of the local government representatives. In a speech, the Chancellor for Industry, Commerce and Craftsmanship of Gran Canaria, Minerva Alonso, highlighted the commitment shown by SPAR Gran Canaria towards local sourcing, to preservation of the environment and boosting the local economy. Local producers are strengthened by access to the market, bringing unique products to stores across the island and maintaining employment.

The embodiment of the entire team of SPAR Gran Canaria towards social and economic development and employment was recognised by other dignitaries present. Addressing the founding families, partners, independent retailers and suppliers present, the local authorities reflected upon the impact of the business on the island’s economy.

In addition to the employment the company provides and partnerships with local producers, sponsorship of local clubs and teams foster a community spirit. The focus on health and wellness is highlighted by hosting of race events for charities, strong fresh food offer instore and information sessions incorporated into staff training.

Guests also visited the training academy, seeing the meeting rooms and classrooms available for training the growing number of employees in the retail and wholesale divisions. This investment in people by developing a training academy enable employees to develop new skills and share knowledge more effectively.

In addition to the formal opening, an informal event was held for retail employees from all 170 affiliated stores and distribution centre employees several days earlier, enabling them to see the new operation for themselves. The SPAR Brand commitment to working together for mutual benefit is embodied in the spirit of SPAR Gran Canaria.