Fresh is Best: SPAR Zimbabwe celebrates opening of its 39th store

January 21, 2021 IN THE CATEGORY: Store openings

SPAR Zimbabwe is delighted to announce the opening of its 39th store, SPAR Marondera, on 16 January. Customers can look forward to a wide range of products and competitive pricing in a modern and bright setting. SPAR Marondera will focus on the SPAR ‘Fresh is Best’ policy, with the highest quality specifications in all sections, including butchery, bakery, deli, fruit and vegetables. 

“Despite the worldwide challenges of the past year, we are pleased to keep to our well-defined expansion plan for our organisation by opening SPAR Marondera. We are very excited about our latest addition to the ever-expanding SPAR family. We look forward to many more Grand Openings in other parts of the country soon”, said Cypren Borerwe, General Manager of SPAR Zimbabwe.

The new SPAR Supermarket is located in the central business district of Marondera, a busy agricultural hub less than an hour’s drive from the country’s capital city, Harare. SPAR Marondera is situated just off the main Harare-Mozambique highway, a transport node for several different local and regional destinations. As a result, the area is busy at all hours of the day and night. People from all walks of life frequent it – a mixed demographic in basket spend and income.

All-new local team
As part of its fresh approach, customer service is another critical area of focus. The all-new team from Marondera were selected for their experience, enthusiasm, and energy. Overall, 70 new jobs have been created.

The staff were all trained as a group over three months in Harare at another SPAR store. This approach had a noticeable impact on their teamwork and ownership of the new store. The staff of SPAR Marondera are young and enthusiastic, which is evident in their passion and energy in all departments.

SPAR Zimbabwe’s mission statement is ‘Better Together’.

“At SPAR, we believe in community, family, and working together for a better result. We take our responsibility as a member of the community in which we operate very seriously. We look forward to doing great things together with the people of this great town”, Mr Borerwe said.

Building on a global network
Mr Borerwe said, “SPAR Zimbabwe is fortunate to have access to information and best practices from SPAR countries all over the world. As such, we have been able to roll out strict COVID-19 procedures and protocols rapidly. We benefitted from knowledge based on extensive experience from our retail partners across the globe, to protect our customers, our supply partners and our staff.”

All visitors to SPAR Marondera will be required to complete COVID-19 checks at the entrance. These include temperature checks and sanitisation of hands and trolleys before entering. Instore, visitors must always follow social distancing guidelines.

In the past two years the SPAR Zimbabwe family has grown to include two new SPAR Supermarkets, three new Tops at SPAR, two SPAR Express outlets, and the SPAR Online Shopping platform (

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About SPAR Zimbabwe

In 1967, SPAR Zimbabwe (then Rhodesia) signed a licence agreement with SPAR International and became the 13th country to join the SPAR worldwide organisation.

In late 2015, independent retailer, Darren Lanҫa, took over the licence to operate the SPAR Brand in this market after the previous licence holder made the decision to divest of this retail division.

In a challenging economic environment, SPAR Zimbabwe continues to grow its store network. It also remains actively involved in the local community, helping to make a difference through charitable SPAR sponsored events.