Extensive modernisation of SPAR in Slovenia

January 8, 2019 IN THE CATEGORY: Store openings

For 14 years, the SPAR Supermarket in Črnomelj, Slovenia, has been a favourite shopping destination for residents of the area. Last year, the store underwent an extensive transformation, reopening its doors after just one month of renovations with an official ceremony attended by large numbers of delighted shoppers.

The upgrade of the supermarket included both the exterior and interior. The new façade now boasts a modern, wood-panelled canopy with new signage and images, giving the store a modern look.

The SPAR Supermarket covers a total area of ​​1,843m2, providing a high-quality product offering and a pleasant shopping experience, with great customer service from the 28 SPAR employees. The interior of the supermarket was designed according to modern store guidelines, in natural tones and materials, with a great focus placed on the fresh food areas. Customers can now enjoy a modern fruit and vegetable department that is at the entrance to the store.

A special feature of the renewed supermarket is a section dedicated to local Slovenian products. The delicatessen, fresh meat and fish departments were also redesigned and there is now an expanded range of frozen food items. Another highlight is the bakery department with an extensive range of bread and pastries and a large Food-to-Go area. Four express cash desks ensure that customers don’t wait in long queues at the checkout.

Special attention was also given to energy efficiency, with the implementation of energy-saving LED lighting throughout the store.

Source: SPAR Slovenia

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About SPAR Slovenia

SPAR Slovenia, operated by ASPIAG (Austria SPAR International AG), was founded in 1992. ASPIAG is a subsidiary of SPAR Austria AG and was granted the licence to operate the brand in Slovenia by SPAR International. SPAR Slovenia has become a key employer in the country, with a Distribution Centre, bakery and corporate-owned stores providing employment opportunities.

The first SPAR store opened in the capital city, Ljubljana, in 1992. Three store formats are operated in Slovenia: SPAR, SPAR Supermarkets and INTERSPAR Hypermarkets. The brand is one of the most trusted companies in the country with Nielson research placing SPAR first in terms of freshness, quality and range. The SPAR Bakery, which has been continually developed, has played a key role in the overall fresh offer and has received great customer feedback.

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