DESPAR Italia saw great store growth in 2023

February 14, 2024 IN THE CATEGORY: Store openings

During 2023, DESPAR Italia saw a total of 56 new store openings and 34 store reopenings throughout the country.

Store network growth

It was a year of extensive expansion for DESPAR Italia nationwide, with a total of 90 new or refurbished stores opening to customers. This is a 38% increase compared to 2022, when 65 stores opening or refurbished. This growth highlights that the DESPAR brand continues to get stronger each year.

Of the 56 new store openings, 37 were DESPAR neighbourhood stores, designed to meet customers needs for daily shopping. There were 12 EUROSPAR Supermarkets and 3 INTERSPAR Hypermarkets opened, which offer an extensive assortment and meet the weekly shopping needs of customers. Additionally, 4 compact DESPAR Express stores also opened their doors for the first time in 2023.

Local is key

DESPAR Italia and the regional consortium members implemented certain elements in all stores. Every store offers a complete assortment targeted at local customer needs, including the extensive DESPAR Italia own brand range. Fresh is a focus in every store, with fruit and vegetable and delicatessen counters offering quality fresh products.

Each store is closely tied into its local community and region. Local products and specialties sourced from local producers are on the shelves of DESPAR stores. Another important element is the attention which is given to incorporating sustainability throughout the store. LED lighting and closed refrigerated cabinets, which limit CO2 emissions through the use of sustainable and cutting-edge refrigeration technologies, have been installed in both new and revamped stores.

Source: DESPAR Italia

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About SPAR Italy

SPAR Italy, known locally as DESPAR Italia, was first granted the SPAR Brand’s license in 1959. The first store opened in 1960. With it, SPAR became the first partnership of retailers and wholesalers to operate in the country. In addition, SPAR Italy licenses regional partners as members of a consortium, all of whom work together to grow the brand across the country.