DESPAR Italia consortium celebrate four store openings

March 7, 2024 IN THE CATEGORY: Store openings

DESPAR Italia consortium celebrate four store openings held in January 2024, continuing investment in the retail portfolio.

DESPAR Nord Ovest

The 9th store in Turin opened its doors at via Asiago 51/F. The store, which had closed during extensive renovations offers a complete shopping experience with a focus on fresh and branded products. There is dedicates areas for the delicatessen, bakery and butcher’s departments, as well as an excellent take-away offer, meeting customer needs. Sustainability is also evident with 100% LED lighting and closed refrigerated cabinets minimising emission dispersion.


In the North-East, the renovated INTERSPAR Hypermarket in Este (PD) reopened  inside the Extense shopping centre. The store is designed to guide the customer in a seamless fashion and enhance their shopping experience. Instore, the extensive fruit and vegetable department, butchery, the wine cellar and the pizzeria corner are all highlights. The store has entered into partnerships with local producers to place a spotlight on local products.

DESPAR Centro Sud

In the Central-South region, two new DESPAR Supermarkets were opened in Eboli (SA) and in Cropani Marina (CZ). Both stores contribute to the growth of the retail network in the Campania and Calabrian territories. The two stores offer quality products designed to meet the needs of their customers, paying great attention to fresh departments such as fruit and vegetables, butchery and delicatessen. Both stores offer customers extensive selection of private label products, ranging from premium items to daily grocery options.

Source: DESPAR Italia

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About SPAR Italy

SPAR Italy, known locally as DESPAR Italia, was first granted the SPAR Brand’s license in 1959. The first store opened in 1960. With it, SPAR became the first partnership of retailers and wholesalers to operate in the country. In addition, SPAR Italy licenses regional partners as members of a consortium, all of whom work together to grow the brand across the country.