DESPAR Italia announces store openings in April

May 27, 2024 IN THE CATEGORY: Store openings

Throughout April, DESPAR Italia welcomed the opening and reopening of stores across the country, further growing its store network.

The North West celebrates a new opening

DESPAR Italia partner for the North West, Gruppo 3A, opened a new DESPAR store in Lavena Ponte Tresa. The store stands out for its range of fresh, high-quality products which meet the needs of residents and tourists alike. Featuring a strong focus on own brand products, the store also offers a comprehensive assortment for shoppers.

New DESPAR in the North

ASPIAG, DESPAR Italia partner in the North of the country, added a new 425m2 DESPAR store in Trento to its store network, with fresh and quality products available in every department. This new store is the first DESPAR store owned by a new entrepreneur hoping to grow their business in retail through the DESPAR brand.

Central-South region

DESPAR Italia partner in the Central-South region, Maiora, increased its network with three new DESPAR stores. In Sora, the DESPAR store offers an enriched shopping experience for customers thanks to a wide-ranging assortment, including extensive own brand ranges. In Lazemia Terme, a new DESPAR store further consolidates the brand’s presence in Calabria. This store offers a large assortment of day-to-day products as well as local specialities. The new DESPAR store in Tortona Marina is a reference point for the local community and tourists who pass through, providing a one-stop-shop location.

Restyled INTERSPAR in Sicily

DESPAR Sicily celebrated the reopening of the INTERSPAR Hypermarket “Le Dune” in Comiso after a significant restyling. The 3,800mhypermarket has been part of the community for over 25 years, and now offers renovated departments and a range of services that improve the shopping experience, responding to the high number of tourists and local customer needs.

Renovated store in Sardinia

The DESPAR store located at Via Ischia in Cagliari reopened after extensive renovations to improve the shopping experience for customers. Cagliari sees a significant increase in the number of visitors in the summer months, and this redevelopment signifies the store as an important reference both for everyday shopping in one of the main tourist areas in the city.

Source: DESPAR Italia

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About SPAR Italy

SPAR Italy, known locally as DESPAR Italia, was first granted the SPAR Brand’s license in 1959. The first store opened in 1960. With it, SPAR became the first partnership of retailers and wholesalers to operate in the country. In addition, SPAR Italy licenses regional partners, all of whom work together to grow the brand across the country.

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