Continued support from SPAR Gran Canaria to local farmers

April 29, 2022 IN THE CATEGORY: Environment, Health, People, Responsible retailing, Sourcing

SPAR Gran Canaria continues to prioritize the purchase of local, more sustainable products, directly collaborating with over 200 farmers on the island. This objective is a fundamental pillar of the retailer’s responsible retailing strategy. The collaboration with the primary sector and local farmers, who thereby have guaranteed access to market, drives the production of quality produce and products for the local market. SPAR Gran Canaria has some long-term agreements in place such as that for Telde oranges, which began nine years ago, or for the local potato crop, which has run for twelve years.

The Valsequillo strawberry

The retailer began a campaign showcasing the Valsequillo strawberry in February 2022, offering its customers the best quality strawberries under the ‘La Cosecha Canaria’ SPAR brand. The heart-shaped fruit boxes are labeled with ‘Km. 0’ which reflects the local sourcing strategy. Following an agreement with local farmers to purchase the entire harvest until next July, SPAR Gran Canaria’s shoppers will be able to buy these delicious fruits for months to come.

La Aldea tomatoes commitment renewed

SPAR Gran Canaria and the San Nicolás Agricultural Cooperative Society (COAGRISAN) renewed their collaboration commitment on 20 April to promote the production and marketing of tomatoes from La Aldea. The arrangement guarantees the exclusive distribution of over 550 tons of tomatoes produced on 102 hectares through the 197 SPAR Supermarkets on the island.

The reactivation of the economy and the recovery of tourism are reflected by plans to grow 10% more tomatoes this year than in 2021. Tomato cultivation in La Aldea is the largest employment-generating activity in the municipality. The purchase of the crop contributes to maintaining the jobs of more than 700 families that work directly with COAGRISAN.

The 78 farmers receive a fair price for their product and their work, as stipulated by the Food Chain Law. The Cooperative guarantees the quality, sustainability, and safety as specified in the GLOBAL GAP, GLOBAL GRASP, BCR, and Canarian Integrated Production certifications. The crops are grown almost 99% in hydroponics and with integrated production, which fights pests with zero residue techniques.

Source: SPAR Gran Canaria

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About SPAR Spain

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