SPAR China Partners invest in Responsible Retailing

August 4, 2017 IN THE CATEGORY: Community, Health, Responsible retailing

SPAR Partners in China are involved in numerous initiatives that add value to the communities in which they operate. Here, we take a look at a few recent community involvement projects by three SPAR China Partners: SPAR Guangdong, SPAR Shandong and SPAR Sichuan.

SPAR Guangdong responsible retailing initiatives

SPAR Guangdong recently organised a scholarship granting ceremony together with two local community service centres, donating RMB30,000 (± €3,800) to 57 children from migrant worker families. So far, SPAR Guangdong has supported over 482 children from migrant worker families with total cash donations of RMB240,000 (over €30,000).

The SPAR Partner will continue to devote its attention to children and families in need. Other upcoming plans include the third “Trip with Kids” Summer Camp and an event attended by celebrity, Yi Nengjing, at the SPAR Jiarong Happiness Family New Migrants Service Centre.

In other news, SPAR Guangdong has launched a campaign in support of promoting fitness through dance. The 2017 Dongguan City Dance Campaign is co-hosted by SPAR Guangdong and other community organisations and runs until September. It sees dance teams participating in various rounds of competition with the winners taking home the prize of RMB10,000 (€1,260).

SPAR Guangdong organised a successful dance campaign in 2016 and is confident that this year’s campaign will attract more passionate fitness dancing teams. Dance sponsorship is part of SPAR Guangdong’s commitment to encouraging an active and healthy lifestyle. Nationwide awareness of the SPAR Brand is achieved through digital and print coverage of the sponsorship programmes.

SPAR Shandong sports events and fire drills

SPAR Shandong and Dragon Mall recently organised a joint fire drill and fun sporting event, attracting over 300 employees who are seeking inspiration inside and outside of work and are trying to enhance their skills and knowledge on fire control. This was a great opportunity for employees to understand the emergency system and evacuation procedures so as to better cope with emergencies.

SPAR Sichuan sends emergency relief to landslide victims

A landslide has affected the Xinmo Village in Mao County in the central hills of Sichuan Province. Following the landslide, staff of the SPAR store in Mao County immediately put together a rescue team to gather and distribute emergency relief materials including drinking water, milk and food. SPAR Sichuan is closely following up on the people affected by the disaster and responding to their needs.

The SPAR Store in Mao County was launched in 2002, close to local government buildings. It is a medium-sized supermarket with an operating area of 700m² and a warehouse of 400m², offering local residents and office workers food, health & beauty products and general merchandise. It serves 900 people every day with daily sales of around RMB35,000 (ca. €4,400) and an average basket size of RMB43 (€5.5).

SPAR Sichuan, is a leading local retailer with hypermarkets and supermarkets in Chengdu, Nanchong, Aba County and Ganzi County with extensive materials and food for emergency relief. Responsible retailing is an issue high up on its agenda.