Best in class: SPAR Puerto Rico, Spain

January 9, 2020 IN THE CATEGORY: Feature articles, Store openings

The SPAR Supermarket in Puerto Rico, located on the Spanish island of Gran Canaria, is a true example of grocery retailing at its best and we’re delighted to shine a spotlight on it here.

The premium supermarket, which is 1,600m2 in size, features a number of specialist departments, including a cheese room, wine cellar and beer ‘hall’. In these spacious and beautifully designed areas of the store, which are perfectly temperature regulated, customers can shop with ease and comfort, aided by the specialist staff on hand who offer advice and product tastings.


Owned and operated by the SPAR Spain Partner on Gran Canaria, Cencosu, during its first year of operation, the SPAR Supermarket has become a popular fixture of Puerto Rico – a well-known holiday destination in the south of the island.

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