A good and healthy start to the day using Schellen-Ursli products

February 24, 2016 IN THE CATEGORY: Health, Responsible retailing

  • A good and healthy start to the day using Schellen-Ursli products

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A breakfast which includes healthy and tasty products is an ideal basis for a successful day. SPAR is delighted to have available a large range of Schellen-Ursli products which make breakfast a real treat for adults and children. Schellen-Ursli is well known throughout Switzerland as coming from the Graubünden Alps.

Consumers are placing more and more importance on knowing the origin of products which they purchase. In many regions in Switzerland, fine hand-made products are therefore becoming more popular.

SPAR Switzerland offers an extensive selection of high quality products which are sold under the Schellen-Ursli label. Currently this range of healthy, tasty specialties includes more than 40 products, with a strong emphasis on the most important meal of the day, breakfast.

The Schellen-Ursli breakfast range comprises a variety of different products to suit all tastes and ensure variation in family’s breakfast selection: Organic whole grain muesli with apple; Alpine milk (whole milk or milk drink); several variations of yoghurt: rhubarb-vanilla, peaches, caramel and wild berries, Swiss Birchermüesli; ring bread from Graubünden; strawberry and apricot jam made with the best Swiss fruit but without preservatives, flavour enhancers or colourants; organic eggs; salt with an aromatic blend of Alpine herbs; Lenzerheidner organic cheese; creamy Camembert; organic salami from the Prättigauer valley; organic Salsiz (air-cured raw sausage); pear bread from Graubünden; nut cake; organic mountain herb tea with edelweiss and organic herbal tea with verbena and cornflowers.

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