70 new trainees start their careers at SPAR Switzerland

August 30, 2023 IN THE CATEGORY: People

Every year, SPAR Switzerland offers training in five different professions to as many as 100 apprentices, providing them with a solid foundation for their future careers. So far this year, 91 apprentices have successfully completed their training at SPAR. Starting in August 2023, 70 new trainees will begin their first year of apprenticeship.

The trainees can specialise in retail trade, commercial roles, administration, logistics, or transportation. They will receive dedicated guidance from trainers and have the opportunity to follow training in SPAR Switzerland’s own academy.

Each year, about 50% of the trainees participating in the annual apprenticeship programme choose to continue their careers at SPAR Switzerland or with affiliated partner organisations. This reflects the promising career opportunities available for trainees.

Following a nationwide reform in 2022, the sales training received a significant upgrade with a stronger focus on practical relevance. Customer demands are taken into account increasingly, allowing a real shopping experience. Through external courses, the trainees develop additional skills and receive further support through self-organised learning methods.

Welcoming 70 new trainees

From August 2023, SPAR Switzerland will have a total of about 200 apprentices across different training years and professions. Among them, 70 will begin their first year of training. All first-year apprentices will be welcomed at SPAR Switzerland’s central office during the traditional introductory days. Bernhard Graf, the Head of Training, and his team will equip the trainees with the necessary tools for a successful start to their apprenticeship in one of the SPAR stores, at a cash and carry store, or at the central office.

Introducing two training professions

Starting in August 2024, SPAR Switzerland will expand its training offerings by introducing new training in the fiduciary services sector for commercial employees. Additionally, training opportunities will also be available for those interested in shop fitting and interior design.

Source: SPAR Switzerland

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About SPAR Switzerland

SPAR Switzerland was founded in 1989. The business grew, combining corporate and independently owned stores, spanning forecourt retailing to large supermarkets. Since 2016, SPAR Switzerland has been a subsidiary of SPAR Group Ltd Southern Africa.


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