Training & development through our SPAR Academies

SPAR is committed to its people and this is especially noticeable in the training programmes we provide. Extending beyond obligatory training practices, SPAR Partners have dedicated themselves to providing traineeships and apprenticeships. Through these programmes, SPAR employees, young professionals and even students have opportunities to improve their skills in specific roles, gain practical experience, and develop an understanding of other fields of interest. Three examples of similar initiatives are shown here.

SPAR Switzerland

Recently, 110 young professionals in Switzerland received their certificate of competence after completing their apprenticeship examinations in one of the four professions offered at SPAR: Fully Trained Merchant, Retail Expert, Retail Assistant and Logistics Specialist.

Training plays a major role at SPAR Switzerland and is led by supervisors and trainers of the SPAR Academy. The academy provides diverse and practice-oriented training, complemented by various internal courses, including preparatory courses for the final exam. In addition to the four existing training professions, SPAR Switzerland will soon include training for Transportation Experts.

SPAR Austria

SPAR Austria is the largest private training organisation in the country with 2,700 trainees. Jobs in retail are secure with the ongoing growth of SPAR Austria which is a top employer in the market. Trainees are offered a variety of extras including free driving lessons to reward excellent performance, the possibility to earn bonuses, paid accommodation and most importantly receive additional training opportunities.

With the varied operations of SPAR Supermarkets and INTERSPAR Hypermarkets, there are many secure job possibilities for talented young people. Thanks to the 17 different teaching courses around retail including food, delicatessen, catering or office administration, there are jobs to find at either store or office level (regional or central). Trainees not only gain excellent instore experience, they also attend seminars and classes managed through the SPAR Academy in Vienna.

SPAR Hungary

The apprentice system in Hungary is well developed. SPAR Hungary focuses on succession planning and continually offers new training to colleagues. This includes the opportunity for SPAR trainees to take part in commercial vocational education and gain practical experience in SPAR stores during their obligatory vocational traineeship programme. The training courses available are for the following positions: Store Manager, Buyer, Food Specialist and Logistics Manager, to name just a few.

In addition to secondary school students, the company offers apprenticeships to college graduates. Trainees acquire a wide a range of skills to do with the retail business and can also put their theoretical knowledge into practice. Upon completing their training, the talented young professionals can begin working at SPAR Hungary. Moreover, the training programme offers graduates career opportunities, commercial orientation and a good knowledge of German. In 2015, nine young people participated in this programme and gained practical experience in different operational fields of the organisation.