Promoting nutrition & healthy food choices

SPAR’s focus on nutrition tackles a wide variety of initiatives, including programmes which specifically promote healthy food choices. These programmes supplement SPAR’s nutritional product offerings and are tailored for diverse nutritional needs. Through its various nutrition-based programmes and campaigns, SPAR aims to educate, inspire and create awareness amongst adults and children about conscious food choices.

SPAR Austria

A key dietary focus of health-conscious consumers in 2017 has been sugar reduction and SPAR Austria is meeting this need by reducing the amount of sugar in its own brand products.

SPAR Austria’s newly developed healthy eating campaign is not only about promoting a sugar-free or sugar-reduced diet, but also sees the company supporting child nutrition by endorsing the drive for healthy school lunches, offering healthy recipe inspiration, and working with organisations such as SIPCAN, the Institute for Preventive Cardiology and Nutrition.

With a healthier product offer and the promotion of nutritional information, SPAR Austria is leading the charge for a healthier lifestyle.

SPAR Spain

Approximately 350,000 children in Spain are considered to be in need of supplementary nutrition to meet their daily needs. One programme focused on meeting this need is the Food Bank which has an annual national appeal for the donation of milk. SPAR Gran Canaria contributed one pallet of long-life milk recently to this very worthy cause – just one part of the SPAR Spain Partner’s ongoing annual support for the Food Bank and other similar programmes.

SPAR Spain supported the AFIS Paediatric Programme which addresses childhood obesity, combining physical activity in groups and nutritional education, focusing on both individual and family behaviour, with the aim of normalising the Body Mass Index (BMI) of children. Those who participated in the programme come from primary schools in Granollers (Barcelona), and were aged between 6 and 12 years.

DESPAR Italy – Maiora

DESPAR Maiora recently developed a programme entitled ‘Prevent by Playing’ for elementary school children, which enabled them to visit supermarkets and food producers as part of their nutrition education. Through the programme, children learnt about the nutritional value of food as well as the culture and traditions linked to different foods. The programme also focused on integrating exercise into children’s daily lives.

A total of 1,500 students in six municipalities participated in the programme, reflecting its high quality and appeal. DESPAR Maiora also gave participating schools a set of materials valued at €15,000 including computers, tablets, blenders and microphones to assist and enhance the learning process.

A few videos of the visits at factories and supermarkets are available in the Maiora Marketing Youtube channel.