SPAR’s support for local communities

  • SPAR Poland Children's races raise funds for hospice

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  • Winners of the Oman Youth Scrabble tournament

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  • Blakemore staff at work at Fernhill Community Project Mountain Ash 24th May 2017.

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SPAR’s commitment and contribution to local communities is carried out in a variety of ways, including the development of youth initiatives. SPAR actively tries to benefit and connect with youth in the communities it operates through the organisation of fundraising events that promote participation in sports and educational programmes.

SPAR Poland

Each year, SPAR Poland sponsors a 5km running race in Rzeszów, the capital of the province Podkarpacie. The main race, run along the banks of the city’s river, was followed by races for children and teens. For each participant who crossed the finish line, SPAR Poland donated money to the regional children’s hospice.

The fundraising for the Podkarpacie Children’s Hospice, which provides home care for children and teenagers suffering from tumours and incurable diseases, has become a valued community activity. The hospice is the only facility of this type in the region, which enables terminally ill children to remain in their homes with their families whilst receiving medical care.


SPAR Oman and renowned A-brand supplier, Kellogg’s, teamed up to organize the Oman Youth Open Scrabble Tournament. The Championships were truly exciting and a special highlight of the event was a workshop hosted by Karen Richards, a professional Australian Scrabble player who has participated in numerous Scrabble World Championships.

During this event, the best youth players in Oman competed against each other, with the aim of claiming numerous prizes and the title of Oman Youth Open Scrabble Champion. The event was a unique chance to experience what tournament Scrabble feels like, while at the same time developing one’s language skills.

SPAR United Kingdom – Blakemore

An army of 40 volunteers from Blakemore Trade Partners has donated 520 hours of employee time supporting a youth project in South Wales. The Fernhill Youth Project offers a variety of opportunities enabling young people to grow in confidence, increase self-esteem and participate in practical and physical activities that they would not be able to experience otherwise.

Employees who came to the aid of the project were tasked with activities such as painting, crafting, landscaping and restoring various parts of the centre. In addition, employees used their IT expertise to clean up the youth centre’s IT software, also donating an iPad Mini and 32” flat screen TV to the project.