SPAR International Learning Platform - Developing Our People

The Mission of SPAR International is to continue to grow our Brand, our Presence and our Partners by working together to enhance the competitiveness, productivity and profitability of our retail and wholesale partners worldwide. Developing our People is key to the success of the SPAR business and is therefore an essential part of the SPAR International Scope of Service.

The SPAR Learning Platform, as part of our Scope of Service, is designed to support SPAR Partners with the professional development and skills training of their people.

The SPAR Learning Platform consists of:

SPAR Learning Website

The SPAR Learning website is targeted at HR Managers, Trainers and Retail Professionals and includes webinars and downloads.

* Innovative and thought-provoking sessions for SPAR Professionals
* Support material for local training
* Coordination of international SPAR Talent Exchange
* Introduction to the SPAR Academy
* Complementary for SPAR Partners
* Mobile compatible
* Easy login with SPAR Handbook/SPAR Connect credentials.

For our SPAR Platform introduction video, please click here.

SPAR Academy

The SPAR Academy is designed to support and complement the local training of our employees through ready-to-use 2D courses.

* Online courses on topics such as SPAR introduction, good customer service, fresh food, bakery...
* Interactive, animated 2D courses in English, translation possible
* Access via a secure Learning Management Systems (LMS)
* LMS available in 25 languages
* Inclusion of local training offer
* Fully mobile compatible.


The state-of-the-art 3D SPAR Retail Simulation Game is targeted at retail employees and through repetition strengthens training output.

* Training employees in an exciting and highly engaging way
* Training of operational and Customer Service skills through awareness and prioritisation
* Can be played unlimited times
* Scoring system triggers repetition
* Proven return of investment
* Runs on PC, Mac and Tablets.
* Available in English, Danish and Hungarian.
* Translation possible.

For the SPAR Game demonstration video, please click here.

The SPAR Learning Platform – Demo Access Details

The SPAR Learning Platform is a great example of being better together in people development by utilising content based on our combined worldwide SPAR expertise.

Please log onto our Learning Platform components for a live demonstration of the SPAR Learning Platform and take advantage of the wealth of material available for you and your teams.

To access the login details to the SPAR Learning sites and to view additional introduction and demo videos, please use your SPAR Connect/Handbook/SPAR Learning login credentials to login HERE.

How to get started, additional information

To register to the SPAR Academy and/or Retail Game and for additional information, please contact Ms. Jutta Klassen at SPAR International.

Detailed information on the Academy system can be found at Totara Learn.

The SPAR Learning Platform – Introduction Video