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February 20, 2020 IN THE CATEGORY: Community, Store openings

2019 was marked by diverse activities for SPAR Ukraine. By the end of the year, 39 stores were operational thanks to continued investment in the retail offer. The country’s retail landscape has been strengthened by the presence of various SPAR store formats, catering to a wide range of shopping profiles. Independent retailers were also a core focus for the group throughout 2019, with the publication of several training resources to support and inspire team members.

Often located in high traffic areas, SPAR Express stores provide meal solutions to people on-the-go with an emphasis on convenience. SPAR Supermarkets in Ukranian neighbourhoods provide both daily and weekly shopping needs, with strong fresh offer. Larger EUROSPAR Hypermarkets offer an even wider choice for the whole family.

Across all formats, the instore assortment is geared towards providing a wealth of choice with fresh produce, fresh baked goods, freshly prepared meal solutions, food-to-go, and a coffee offer complementing the dry grocery selection. Larger stores also feature particularly extensive wine selections.

Independent retailers and corporate store managers benefited from the release of a set of training materials titled ‘how to become a successful retailer’. The videos bring together best practice for instore training.

SPAR Ukraine also published a complete guide highlighting the benefits of the global SPAR Brand and support available through SPAR Ukraine. A team building session for these members of the business included a visit to nearby Batumi in Georgia for a one-day conference.

Community activities are also high on the agenda. In a children’s art contest, prizes were awarded to the best artworks showcasing awareness of traffic rules and involvement with the environment. An international sculpture festival with entries from five countries was held in the city of Lutsk, with participants able to shop in the local SPAR Supermarket.

Source: SPAR Ukraine

About SPAR Ukraine

SPAR was launched in Ukraine in 2001 with the opening of the first SPAR Supermarket. Since then, independent retailers have continued to bring the brand to local consumers in a number of cities.

SPAR has experienced a lot of change in Ukraine over the past few years and on 1 December 2016, a new licence was granted to Volwest LLC, a retailer with a strong track record of partnering with independent retailers. Volwest works with all SPAR retailers to strengthen the brand presence in the country, opening new convenience stores, supermarkets and hypermarkets.

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