SPAR UK partner raises £20,000 in food donations for local food banks

September 3, 2020 IN THE CATEGORY: Community, COVID-19

SPAR UK partner James Hall & Co. has introduced a new SPAR branded food donation bin, designed to attract customers’ attention and promote local food banks within SPAR stores across the north of England. The branded stands have already helped SPAR stores in the north of England raise nearly £20,000 (€22,300) in food donations for food banks, with one store gathering 240 tins of peas and tinned tomatoes in just one day. 

As well as being rolled out across company-owned stores (North East Convenience Stores) the initiative has also been made available to independent SPAR retailers. Donations to the food banks can consist of anything from tinned fruit & vegetables, toilet roll and toiletries, baby products and pet food, cereals and soups, long-life milk, and condiments.

“The demand on local food banks increased dramatically during the lockdown. Although many retailers were collecting food donations before COVID-19, we wanted to create a coherent, branded stand to catch customers’ eyes and promote local food banks in need”, said Tomas Garliauskas, CSR project co-ordinator at James Hall. 

“The branded food bank collection points help SPAR retailers promote the fantastic work our company-owned stores and independent SPAR retailers have been doing in supporting local people.”  

While retailers and company-owned stores were supporting food banks before the branded collection points were available, they were using variations of dump bins, crates, and trays.

“This initiative creates a streamlined, eye-catching design for customers to see and be clear of what we are collecting and who for”, Garliauskas added.

Source: SPAR UK

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The UK became a member of SPAR in 1956 when a group of independent wholesalers was granted the SPAR licence by SPAR International. There are five regional partners in the UK with strategically placed Distribution Centres in each region. A central office, located in London, provides national marketing and buying services for the group and supports the development of the brand

SPAR has led the convenience market in the UK for many years but has faced increasing competition. Always innovative, the five regional partners have continued to grow the brand. Throughout the UK, a combination of independently-owned licensed retailers and company-owned stores can be found, spanning forecourts, airports, train stations, city centres, and local neighbourhoods.

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