SPAR Switzerland offers shoppers sustainably packed milk

August 13, 2021 IN THE CATEGORY: Environment, Responsible retailing, Sourcing

The ‘Faireswiss’ co-operative in Switzerland has been exclusively delivering milk to all SPAR Switzerland stores since June 2020. The fairly produced milk initiative guarantees producers a set price per litre, and the packaging is eco-friendly as it is made entirely of plant-based material.

Plant-based packaging

‘Faireswiss’ milk is available in 100% plant-based Tetra Edge packaging. The packaging is made solely from renewable or recycled packaging materials and is fully recyclable. The lid is made of plant-based plastic made of sugar cane. The packaging uses 14 times less CO2 in production than conventional plastic bottles.

Supporting Swiss milk producers

SPAR Switzerland supports the ‘Faireswiss’ milk project by foregoing part of the margin to finance the mark-up on the normal production price. A litre of ‘Faireswiss’ milk costs SPAR customers only a little more than a litre of traditional produced milk. If consumers know that the farmers benefit directly from a higher milk price, they are prepared to spend a bit more as has been proven since its introduction in mid-2020.

The fairly produced milk carries the red cow with the Swiss cross on the label. Through the sale of Faireswiss milk in its stores, SPAR is not only supporting dairy producers but also contributing to maintaining the Swiss landscape.

Sustainable solutions

SPAR Switzerland is a Green & Lean award-winning company, in recognition of their commitment to reducing CO2 emissions. SPAR Switzerland’s plastic carrier bags are made of a high proportion of recycled film, which can reduce CO2 emissions by about 40 – 50%. SPAR’s paper carrier bags are made using cellulose sourced from sustainable forestry, and the paper bears the FSC label (Forest Stewardship Council). The plant-based packaging initiative is another example of the company’s sustainable sourcing solutions.

Read more about SPAR’s international responsible retailing strategy in the 2020 annual review.

Source: SPAR Switzerland

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About SPAR Switzerland

SPAR Switzerland was founded in 1989. In 2000, the family-owned business transformed into a holding company with three operating companies. The business grew, combining corporate and independently owned stores, spanning forecourt retailing to large supermarkets.

In early 2016, SPAR Switzerland announced the sale of 60% of its shares to SPAR Group Ltd, South Africa. The remaining 40% was purchased in March 2021 by SPAR Group Ltd.

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