SPAR Switzerland welcomes 100 new trainees

August 19, 2019 IN THE CATEGORY: People, Responsible retailing

This month, SPAR Switzerland welcomes 100 new trainees, who will start their professional training in one of several retail and wholesale courses offered by the company. Of the 100 graduates who will undergo training this summer, it’s estimated that about a third will either continue to work for SPAR Switzerland or follow additional training.

Through its training courses, which cover a variety of occupational fields, SPAR Switzerland provides young professionals with the opportunity to progress in their careers.

In addition to offering retail and wholesale training, courses are offered in the field of traffic, logistics and transport. Those training to become transport specialists, for example, learn all about maintenance and repair work of delivery trucks, becoming familiar with logistics at SPAR. They are also taught about SPAR Switzerland’s commitment to climate protection and its drive to reduce CO2 emissions by at least 20% over the next five years.

SPAR Switzerland is one of the most successful training companies in Swiss retail trade. Its Academy is a great example of the successful training programmes conducted by SPAR countries, with others such as Austria, South Africa, UK, The Netherlands, Italy, Norway and Botswana also running very effective SPAR Academies.

Source: SPAR Switzerland

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About SPAR Switzerland

SPAR Switzerland has undergone several changes since being founded in 1989. In 2000, the family-owned business was transformed into a holding company with three operating companies: SPAR Handels AG, TopCC AG and SPAR Management AG. The business grew further, combining corporate and independently owned stores, spanning forecourt retailing to large supermarkets.

In early 2016, SPAR Switzerland announced the sale of 60% of shares to SPAR South Africa. The existing management team and shareholders remain involved in the business.

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