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June 8, 2023 IN THE CATEGORY: Sport sponsorship

For the first time, SPAR Switzerland are a sponsor of the Tour de Suisse, taking place across Switzerland from 11 to 18 June 2023. The retailer is a local main sponsor of the HUB St. Gallen. The final individual time trial will take place there as part of the 8th stage of the competition. From now until 18 June, all cycling enthusiasts can cycle part of the original route in the 'Beat the Pro' competition and have their personal best time entered. Among other things, there are amazing prizes from SPAR to be won.

Promoting cycling

With the sponsorship of this year’s Tour de Suisse through the HUB St. Gallen, SPAR Switzerland is expanding its commitment to two-wheeler racing, launched last year as supporter of the Swiss Epic race. SPAR Switzerland is keen to transfer their enthusiasm for cycling to its customers and beyond. The final weekend of the Tour de Suisse will take place near the SPAR Switzerland’s headquarters – great opportunity to maximise on the sponsorship partnership with Switzerland’s most important cycling race.

On Saturday 17 June, the seventh stage of the men’s race will cycle from Tübach to Weinfelden. On Sunday 18 June, the pros will start the individual time trial in St. Gallen at Fürstenlandstrasse and cross the finish line in Abtwil, 25 kilometres later. The ladies will also compete on this route on their second Tour de Suisse stage.

Beat the Pro

Fans wanting to follow in the footsteps of the world’s best cyclists, can have their personal best time entered in the ‘Beat the Pro’ competition. The low-traffic but challenging section of the original route from Wittenbach to Waldkirch can be ridden as often as enthusiasts wish – e-bikes are also allowed. The goal is to encourage as many people as possible to cycle.

This competition is not about the fastest time, but about participating. The ranking is based on personal best time determined on the basis of a GPS recording. Via the affiliated apps, cyclists can log in, sign up and actively participate – visit the page for more information.

Source: SPAR Switzerland

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About SPAR Switzerland

SPAR Switzerland was founded in 1989. The business combines corporate and independently-owned stores, spanning forecourt retailing to large supermarkets. SPAR Switzerland is now part of SPAR Group Ltd registered in South Africa.

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