SPAR Switzerland adds fully electric truck to its fleet

August 21, 2020 IN THE CATEGORY: Environment, Responsible retailing, Supply Chain

SPAR Switzerland has added a fully electric vehicle to its fleet. The new e-truck – a 264kW (360hp) e-truck from MAN – will transport food products emission-free and almost silently from the central warehouse to SPAR stores in the Appenzell region and Thurgau.

The consistent reduction of pollutant emissions and heavy traffic has been one of SPAR Switzerland’s declared objectives in distribution for many years. At the end of 2011 the company first started using hybrid trucks. In 2017, a more modern and economical Euro 6 engine used to supply SPAR stores in the capital city Zurich, replaced this truck.

Another important measure to protect the environment is the cooperation with RhB, a Swiss transport company that owns the largest network of the nation’s private railway operators. As part of this initiative, launched in 2018, a growing number of SPAR containers are transported via rail, instead of the road, leading to a yearly reduction of 85,000km of road use.

By adding the new fully electric truck to its fleet, SPAR heralds a new era for even more significant reductions in CO2 emissions. The new e-truck can cover around 180km per charge, depending on the climatic and topographical conditions. Thanks to the sophisticated braking energy recovery system, the 180km range can be extended.

A display in the cockpit informs the driver on the current energy capacity. The new e-truck will be used in the Appenzell region in the morning and in Thurgau in the afternoon. The silent e-truck can save 19,000 litres of diesel per year, leading to a reduction of 50 tonnes in CO2 emissions.

Source: SPAR Switzerland

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About SPAR Switzerland

SPAR Switzerland has undergone several changes since being founded in 1989. In 2000, the family-owned business was transformed into a holding company with three operating companies: SPAR Handels AG, TopCC AG and SPAR Management AG. The business grew further, combining corporate and independently owned stores, spanning forecourt retailing to large supermarkets.

In early 2016, SPAR Switzerland announced the sale of 60% of shares to SPAR South Africa. The existing management team and shareholders remain involved in the business.

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