SPAR supports Dynamic New Athletics competition

January 26, 2022 IN THE CATEGORY: Sport sponsorship

SPAR continues to invest in the promotion of healthier lifestyles through sponsoring sports events. The brand is supporting a European Athletics competition - Dynamic New Athletics, (DNA) - being held at the Emirates Stadium in Glasgow on 5 February 2022.

DNA is an innovative, mixed gender, team-based competition launched by European Athletics to complement the classic athletics competition format. The DNA programme enhances the athletics calendar with a new event targeting specific disciplines and comprising national mixed teams. DNA integrates modified rules, presentational possibilities, and digital communications elements that can be adapted for every level of the competition pyramid while remaining true to the essence of athletics.

Six European Teams

The DNA event on 5 February consists of six teams competing in a compact schedule of two hours featuring 11 events.  Teams from Scotland, England, Ireland, Wales, Spain and Turkey across track and field will earn points to determine their position going into the decider event ‘The Hunt’. This approach emphasises team spirit and highlights the role of the team’s captain throughout the event.

The competition gives these nations’ athletes another opportunity to test their skills while promoting both men and women’s sports. First tested in 2019, future possible editions of this concept will create opportunities also for outdoor and club athletes.

Grass-root sport support

This is the 26th year that SPAR is a sponsor of European Athletics events, spanning indoor, outdoor and cross-country. Since last year, SPAR has been more involved in junior competitions, which complement the grassroots sponsorship of countries, including SPAR UK retailers supporting school sports. The dedication and passion these young athletes have for their sport comes through in everything they do, be it on the track or in the field. This kind of passion and belief in working together is also seen throughout the global SPAR family.

DNA & SPAR partnership

DNA & SPAR partnership

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