SPAR Spain opens five stores during the summer season

August 24, 2023 IN THE CATEGORY: Store openings

During this summer, SPAR Spain has launched five new stores along the Mediterranean coast in Spain, stretching from Cádiz to Barcelona in the Costa Brava area and also in Atlantic Gran Canaria. These additions aim to serve as essential community hubs for residents and tourists alike.

In June, SPAR Spain partner Grupo Upper, opened two new SPAR stores in Murcia. This adds to their strong presence of about 250 supermarkets in the area. With a spacious 200m² sales area, the first store offers a diverse product range and is managed by a team of five employees dedicated to customer service. The second store, spanning 160m², is near the Country Club urbanisation in Mazarrón and is run by an experienced team of six colleagues. The SPAR shop provides customers with a broad selection of high-quality products including Dry Food, Cellar, Frozen, Drugstore, as well as Beauty and Care sections.

Closing June, SPAR Gran Canaria opened a new store in Taliarte, Telde, increasing the total number of SPAR Supermarkets to 22 in this region. The 300m² store is run by a team of 20. The store emphasises fresh local products in sections like fruit, vegetables, bakery, and butchery. It also offers a ready-to-eat area open from Wednesday to Sunday, 12:00 to 19:00. Demonstrating commitment to sustainability, the store uses energy-efficient refrigeration units and LED lighting, along with electronic labels to minimize paper usage.

In early July, Spanish SPAR partner, Líder Aliment opened a new SPAR store in Cádiz with a sales area of 600m². The store is managed by a team of 18 staff members. It offers about 4,500 different products, including SPAR own brand items and leading brands. The store features self-service counters in the meat, fruit and vegetables, delicatessen, and frozen food sections.

By mid-July, SPAR Spain’s Miservi Supermercados introduced its latest store in Arenys de Mar, Barcelona, (see feature photo). Created through a collaboration between Valvi Supermercados and Transgourmet Ibérica, Miservi Supermercaos focuses on fulfilling various household shopping needs, offering a large selection of consumer goods and fresh produce. The new SPAR outlet covers 190m² and features products from different manufacturers from the Maresme region. It offers tailored services and a range of items including delicatessen, fresh produce, baked goods, and packaged meat, along with a distinct wine and liquor section named ‘Vinoteca VNTC Valvi’.

Source: SPAR Spain

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About SPAR Spain

SPAR Spain was founded in 1959 when a group of wholesalers who wished to join an international organisation came together. As a result, the brand became the first voluntary trading chain to be established in Spain, having been granted a license by SPAR International. Together, 13 regional SPAR wholesalers actively continue the expansion of the brand across the country.



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