Shoppers at SPAR stores save 5 million Surprise Bags with Too Good To Go

March 5, 2024 IN THE CATEGORY: Responsible retailing, Supply Chain

SPAR International is delighted to share that the partnership with Too Good To Go has reached another milestone with 5 million Surprise Bags saved. The innovative app-based partnership across 13 countries resulted in reduction of food waste and an immense environmental impact with 12,500,000kgs of CO2e avoided.

Food waste occurs across all parts of the supply chain. SPAR International has developed various partnerships and initiatives to support waste reduction goals throughout different operations of production, distribution, product processing and storage. SPAR wholesalers and retailers implement digital solutions to monitor goods in stores, warehouses and logistics centres and track products about to reach their sell-by date.  

Food waste in households

The partnership with Too Good To Go sees shoppers in SPAR stores join this meaningful journey of battling food waste. A UNEP (United Nations Environment Programme) Food Waste Index shows that out of 931 million tonnes of food waste generated in 2019, 61% comes specifically from households. The high percentage highlights the importance of finding solutions that enable consumers to change their behaviour, thus extending a positive impact to the households. Since the launch of the international partnership with Too Good To Go in 2020, over 2,000 SPAR branded stores and customers have reduced food waste in this convenient and simple way.  

Simple and convenient solution

Every day, SPAR branded stores include products approaching their best-before date in the Surprise Bags available for shoppers through the Too Good To Go app. Once downloaded, customers can reserve their Surprise Bag, stop at their local SPAR branded store at a set time for pickup and know they have made a positive impact.  

After reaching this milestone of 5 million Surprise Bags saved, SPAR International is grateful that consumers embraced this solution and contribute to collective effort of all SPAR licensed operators to reduce food waste in 13 SPAR countries.  


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