SPAR Saudi Arabia grows its presence

November 22, 2018 IN THE CATEGORY: Store openings

Following the opening of the first three SPAR Supermarkets in Riyadh in January this year, SPAR Saudi Arabia has announced the opening of two new supermarkets, both located in upper middle-class suburbs of the nation’s capital.

Catering for a wide segment of both nationals and expats, the SPAR Aqiq store, located close to the King Abdullah Financial District, is 3,800m2 in size, while the SPAR Hamra store on King Abdullah Road is 3,600m2. Both stores are located on newly developed plazas, in high traffic areas of Riyadh. They have been built to a world-class standard with modern and dynamic store designs.

The key departments include the fresh bakery and fruit & veg sections, while the imported food ranges and 150 SPAR Own Brand products are proving very popular with customers.

Ahead of the two launches, the SPAR Saudi Arabia team ran ‘teaser’ campaigns on social media, notifying followers of the latest additions and prompting them to guess where the next SPAR stores will open. Promotional launch offers drew in crowds of shoppers at the openings, who are becoming familiar with the brand with the growing number of stores located in the city.

In partnership with the well-established family owned business, the Al Sadhan Group, the plan is to open 40 stores in Saudi Arabia by 2020. As the brand develops in the country, the partner plans to launch stores in all economic sectors, providing a cross-section of customers with competitive, value-for-money offers.

Source: SPAR Saudi Arabia

About SPAR Saudi Arabia

The licence to operate SPAR in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia was granted in January 2016 to the Al Sadhan Group. Established in 1952, the Group has diverse business interests with experience in retail and is now seeking to convert its existing supermarkets and expand further. Utilising experience in FMCG brand distribution, Al Sadhan plans to develop the SPAR Brand further in the territory of Riyadh.


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