Three SPAR Retailers expand Netherlands network

November 8, 2016 IN THE CATEGORY: Store openings

Continuing to support independent retailers with innovative and modern retailing expertise, SPAR has increased its portfolio by another three stores.


A new SPAR Neighbourhood store has opened in Rijswijk, Noord Brabant, following the closure in June of the only supermarket in town. Dinand Kraaij, a 37-year old retailer, is the new SPAR store owner. He is a former employee of the local supermarket and knows many of the customers and their needs.

The residents of Rijswijk are delighted with the new SPAR store, as due to the closure of the local supermarket, they had to travel long distances to do their shopping.

The newly designed SPAR store offers much more than just groceries. With additional services of online shopping, home delivery and an instore wine and spirits department, both the supermarket and the SPAR Retailer are an integral part of the community.


The village of Nagele, in the Dutch province of Flevoland, has welcomed a new SPAR store. Young retailer, Auke van Slooten (25), lives in the neighbouring village of Urk and comes from a family of entrepreneurs. Auke is familiar with the local customs, speaks the dialect of the region and knows many people in Nagele as many of the residents originally come from Urk. The store has been fully renovated and modernised, bringing residents an entirely new shopping experience.

“The people from Nagele are very impressed when entering the new SPAR store,” said Sjaak Kranendonk, Managing Director of SPAR Netherlands. “We’re pleased to be working with local retailers like Auke to bring the brand to an ever-growing number of shoppers across the country.”


Sterksel is a small village in the south of the Netherlands, near the city of Eindhoven. After the local neighbourhood store was closed in 2004, several residents established a cooperative to retain a shopping facility in the village. It was finally agreed that the SPAR Brand was the right fit for the community and so the cooperative and Store Manager, Wesley Beelen, set about converting the store to a modern SPAR Supermarket. The result is an attractive neighbourhood store with extensive choice, a new bakery section and great service, fulfilling the convenience needs of the local residents.

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