SPAR Hungary store in Szeged produces 13% of energy needs from solar panels

February 16, 2022 IN THE CATEGORY: Environment, Responsible retailing

A SPAR Supermarket in Szeged now obtains 13% of its total instore energy needs from rooftop solar panels. Building on this success, SPAR Hungary plans to install renewable energy systems in additional stores shortly.

SPAR Hungary routinely implements eco-friendly and energy-saving solutions when building new stores and modernising existing ones as part of its strategic goals. Larger SPAR Hungary stores are fitted with an integrated refrigeration system that allows the heat created by chillers and cooling units to be used for heating purposes.

For smaller business units, SPAR Hungary uses VRV refrigeration systems to optimise energy efficiency. VRV is a technology that alternates a system’s refrigerant volume to match a building’s precise requirements, ensuring less energy is required to maintain set temperatures.

In addition, the company implements modern, low-energy refrigerators and chilled counters, as well as LED lighting in its stores. Through these measures, SPAR Hungary has been able to reduce energy consumption in the last ten years.

SPAR Szeged

In 2020, SPAR Hungary invested nearly €54,000 into improving SPAR Szeged Supermarket’s energy efficiency.

The SPAR Supermarket opened in 1998 and underwent a major modernisation in 2006 and again in 2009. The latter investment included the installation of energy-efficient coolers and eco-friendly cooling and lighting technologies.

In 2020, a total of 290m2 of solar panels were installed on the store’s roof. The system’s benefits are paying off: in the first year, 12% of the store’s electricity needs were met using solar energy. By the end of November 2021, the share of solar energy exceeded 13%.

The highest level of production was recorded in June 2021, when the solar system produced 8,707 kWh, 22% of the electricity needed.

The solar energy systems will be implemented in additional SPAR Hungary stores soon, starting with the INTERSPAR Hypermarket in Pécs.

Source: SPAR Hungary

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About SPAR Hungary

The first SPAR Supermarket opened in Hungary in 1992, following the acquisition by ASPIAG (Austria SPAR International AG) of a majority stake in General Kereskedelmi Rt. Since its launch, SPAR Hungary has been actively involved in developing the country’s retail industry.

The licensing of independent retailers to operate the SPAR Brand in Hungary has proven successful. The retailers benefit from access to SPAR own brand products and expertise, while consumers enjoy the increased number of store locations. SPAR Hungary is one of the country’s largest employers, with 17,881 team members.

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