SPAR Hungary invests over €20 million in logistics

May 9, 2022 IN THE CATEGORY: Supply Chain

SPAR Hungary has made significant investments in its logistics network to increase efficiency. The company in 2021 invested over €8.7 million in transportation and logistics developments and will spend an additional €11.4 million in 2022.

Transportation and warehousing

SPAR Hungary’s transport fleet currently comprises 121 motor vehicles and 120 trailers, with more to be added as the company’s operations grow. In 2021, SPAR Hungary procured 20 truck trailers and is planning to add 20 more in 2022. This represents an investment of €8.6 million in just two years. The average age of the trucks is 5,5 years, with mileage between 1.3 and 1.5 million kilometres. Under normal use, SPAR Hungary replaces the vehicles after nine years. Each vehicle in the fleet meets the EURO 6 emission standard and is equipped with a cooling system and an online camera system for safety and driver support.

Additionally, SPAR Hungary in 2021 spent over €950,000 on the development of its forklift fleet, with a further investment of €1.14 million planned for 2022. This year’s investment will be used in part to replace the batteries of all forklift trucks.

Automated information on the weighbridge

Weighbridges, operational in Üllő and soon in Bicske, support the transport fleet and play a key role in monitoring waste transportation. The entire weighing process is automated; the system identifies the trucks before weighing with the help of a card reader. After that, the truck slowly moves up to the weighbridge, where the axles are weighed. Each new weighbridge requires an investment of €49,000. The weighbridge measures each truck against the weight restrictions of public road use.

Minimising margin of error

In line with these improvements, SPAR Hungary has redeveloped WebEye, its transportation software. The software monitors all transport functions from order and processing to transport control. The redeveloped software covers the transportation tasks of as many logistic hubs, warehouses, and factories as needed, whilst managing the entire communication between transportation units and the wider network.

As the software functions almost entirely automatically, it significantly reduces the probability of errors. WebEye also functions as the GPS service provider for all fleet vehicles and freighters and provides a high level of integration with mobile phones and web-based applications.

Source: SPAR Hungary

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About SPAR Hungary

The first SPAR Supermarket opened in Hungary in 1992, following the acquisition by ASPIAG (Austria SPAR International AG) of a majority stake in General Kereskedelmi Rt. Since its launch, SPAR Hungary has been actively involved in developing the country’s retail industry.

The licensing of independent retailers to operate the SPAR Brand in Hungary has proven successful. The retailers benefit from access to SPAR own brand products and expertise, while consumers enjoy the increased number of store locations. SPAR Hungary is one of the country’s largest employers, with 17,881 team members.

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