SPAR France’s sporty summer!

August 22, 2019 IN THE CATEGORY: Community, Responsible retailing

SPAR France has embraced the healthy living strategy of SPAR internationally, promoting healthy fresh fruit snacks and drinks at some of the major sport events that took place this summer, including the Spartans Race and the Tour de France.


The Spartan Race is an innovative hurdle and running event which sees 130 races being held each year in diverse locations worldwide. On 6th July, in the town of Morzine in the French Alps, an area which is well known for the ski slopes in the winter, became the location of a Spartan race. More than 8,000 participants ran on a muddy course through barbed wire, ropes, over walls and even fire. The local SPAR store prepared for all the runners and the accompanying large numbers of visitors, offering a range including fresh orange juice, fruit salads and diced fruit. More than 700 diced fruit cups were sold in just one day!


Morzine also benefited when on 12th July a stage of the Harley Days event, which attracts fans and associations of Harley Davidson motorbikes, went through the town. Again, the local SPAR retailer planned special opening hours to accommodate the increase in shoppers and held numerous activities during the two-day event, which saw 60,000 people in the town. Almost 750 fresh fruit cups were sold, many of which were enjoyed during the support concert of Supertramp on the Friday evening.


Finally, one stage of the internationally famous cycling event, the Tour de France, went past the SPAR store in Tignes le Lac, in the French Alps. Knowing that there would be a great demand for ready to consume foods, the SPAR retailer stocked up although it was challenging to keep up with demand as in just one day, more than 500 fresh fruit cups and 1,000 servings of a typical local pastry were sold.

Source: SPAR France

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About SPAR France

SPAR was introduced to France in 1955 with current partner, Casino Group, being granted the licence to operate the brand in the 1990s. There are ongoing developments in relation to both the store formats and the customer offer. As a result of the scale of Casino operations, SPAR has benefitted from the existing distribution network and has expanded nationwide.

Shoppers continue to favour local produce and products as well as neighbourhood stores. The SPAR concept, operated primarily by independent retailers, fits this trend and has seen a rejuvenation of its offer.

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