SPAR Denmark supports national environmental organisation

August 7, 2019 IN THE CATEGORY: Community, Environment, Responsible retailing

SPAR Denmark has entered into a collaboration with national environmental organisation, Ren Natur (Clean Nature), supporting three key missions: waste collection in local communities, support for local charities, and environmental protection. Ren Natur is a non-profit organisation, which following its pilot project last year, is in its first full year of operation.

Organisations that sign up with Ren Natur receive equipment for waste collection free of charge and DKK 3,000 (about €400), which they can use as a donation to a local charity or put towards something else of their choosing, such as a social event or new sports equipment. Volunteers can register to participate in one of the 350 waste collection tours in their neighbourhood via Ren Natur.

The project is organised nationwide but is carried out through local operations. The collection tours run from April to October and with SPAR Denmark being one of the three main sponsors, the route often starts, finishes or passes by a SPAR store.

Richo Boss, CEO of SPAR Denmark, is delighted that SPAR can contribute to environmental protection through the Ren Natur project: “By collecting local waste, we positively contribute to the environment exactly where we want to and we can make a difference in the neighbourhoods of our SPAR customers. Our SPAR retailers are already very active in supporting local associations and sports clubs. So, in every way, this is a great project.

Both personally and on behalf of SPAR, I hope that our retailers, together with the Ren Natur project, can contribute to raising awareness of the problems surrounding waste, whilst also helping to strengthen both local responsibility and motivation to better preserve our environment. In addition, the waste collection tours bring people together locally and contribute to an increased community feeling.”

Source: SPAR Denmark

About SPAR Denmark

SPAR Denmark was founded in 1954 when Danish retail company, Dagrofa, was granted a licence to operate the brand in the market. In 2013, the NorgesGruppen purchase of 49% of the Dagrofa Group was approved. This led to a major restructuring of the retail business, with a focus placed on strengthening the SPAR Brand in Denmark.

SPAR Denmark has more than 130 supermarkets spread across the country, positioning itself as the largest independent retail chain in the market. Its headquarters are located in Ringsted.

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