SPAR Croatia opens state-of-the-art SPAR Supermarket

January 12, 2023 IN THE CATEGORY: Store openings

SPAR Croatia has expanded its store network by opening a modern SPAR Supermarket in Jastrebarsko, southwest of the capital Zagreb, on 20 December. A special focus is on the fresh food offer, including an extensive range of fresh fish and meat at service counters. A team of 30 people runs the store, providing new employment opportunities for the local community.

A distinctive feature of this SPAR Supermarket is the large and always fresh offer at the fish department, where a large selection of freshwater fish and sea fish is available. A novelty is the fish preparation service at the fish counter. Another highlight of this store is its butchery, featuring an extensive choice of fresh meat.

In the store’s food-service area, customers will find a large variety of warm, ready-to-eat lunch and dinner options, prepared daily in the store itself.

In addition to a wide selection of fresh fruit and vegetables, bakery products and other food products, the non-food assortment includes an extensive range of household, garden, pet, and home products.

At the state-of-the-art self-service cash registers, customers can complete their purchases quickly and conveniently.

The opening ceremony was attended by the town’s mayor along with the CEO of SPAR Croatia, Helmut Fenzl.

On the opening day, SPAR Croatia donated €2,650 to two local charities, the majorettes from Jastrebarsko, and to the town’s voluntary fire brigade, showing SPAR’s strong community support.

Source: SPAR Croatia

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About SPAR Croatia

SPAR Croatia started in 2005 with the first INTERSPAR Hypermarket in the Dalmatian coast city of Zadar. The company has continued to grow, with the development of stores and several company acquisitions. SPAR Croatia ended 2021 with 125 stores and grew their retail sales by 8.1% to €792.6 million.

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