SPAR Albania supports 2023 Tirana Marathon

November 6, 2023 IN THE CATEGORY: Sport sponsorship

SPAR Albania proudly supported the 2023 Tirana Marathon, emphasising its commitment to fostering healthy living and community engagement.

International participation

The annual event, one of the most prominent in the capital, saw an impressive influx of both local and international participants, contributing to its escalating prominence.

SPAR Albania, dedicated to advocating an active lifestyle, reinforced its commitment as one of the main sponsors of the marathon. Under the overarching theme of “30 years in a run”, employees from SPAR Albania and parent company Balfin Group entities competed in the marathon. This showcases not just their competitive spirit but also embodies the virtues of a healthy and proactive lifestyle.

SPAR Own Brand showcased

A significant highlight was SPAR Albania’s vibrant presence at the “Parc Ferme”, where a diverse array of high-quality products SPAR Own Brand were showcased. The stand attracted enthusiastic marathon attendees seeking an energy boost after the demanding race.

“Our involvement in the Tirana Marathon underscores our enduring commitment to promoting well-being and active living within our community. Supporting such events not only aligns with our values but also allows us to connect with our community on a deeper level,” stated a spokesperson for SPAR Albania.

The successful participation and engagement of SPAR Albania in the Tirana Marathon reflect the organisation’s dedication to health and wellbeing while reinforcing its role as an active contributor to the community.

Check out the recap video of the Tirana Marathon here.

Source: SPAR Albania

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SPAR Albania

SPAR International granted the SPAR licence in Albania in mid-2016 to Almark, part of the Balfin Group. Since launching in October 2016, SPAR Albania has converted company-owned stores and established new partnerships with independent retailers to expand the brand’s reach. SPAR Albania operates two retail formats: INTERSPAR Hypermarkets and SPAR Supermarkets.

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