Responsible Retailing: Local & Sustainable Sourcing

January 15, 2018 IN THE CATEGORY: Responsible retailing, Sourcing

SPAR is committed to providing customers with a wide range of fresh and dry goods that are locally and sustainably sourced. Our SPAR Partners across the globe continue to offer products that are produced under conditions with a reduced impact on the environment, promote animal welfare and provide equal opportunities for farmers and fishermen.

Building Relationships with Farmers

To provide our customers with outstanding freshness, choice, service and quality, SPAR has focused on creating mutually beneficial relationships with local farmers and producers. Through these partnerships, SPAR aims to provide local growers with the opportunity to showcase their products, guarantee opportunities for success and accommodate room for growth. Not only does this ensure and require suppliers to meet high quality standards, it also provides consumers with improved access to regional specialties and seasonal products.

In alignment with this, SPAR is further committed to providing opportunities to farmers through supporting them in the planting and harvesting of produce. This assistance helps reduce losses in perishable and nutritious food supply chains, bringing good quality produce to SPAR retailers and their customers far quicker than was previously possible. This ‘farm to fork’ approach adopted by various SPAR Partners (e.g. SPAR South Africa, SPAR China and SPAR Gran Canaria) further ensures guaranteed sales for farmers and high quality standards for consumers.

Promoting Sustainable Fishing

In further reducing our environmental footprint, SPAR is committed to promoting sustainable fishing practices. SPAR Partners across the globe have vowed to source sustainably certified fish products, whether fresh or dry, and are continuously extending these commitments. In addition to ensuring that our fish products are caught using sustainable methods, visible through partnerships with official certification bodies, SPAR supports the development of aquaculture operations.

For more information on our commitment to local & sustainable sourcing, please visit our Responsible Retailing Sourcing page or browse through our Pressroom for more SPAR Responsible Retailing initiatives.

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