Ongoing expansion of SPAR in Oman

January 25, 2017 IN THE CATEGORY: Store openings

In the same week as the opening of the 15th corporate owned SPAR Supermarket in Oman, plans were announced for rapid expansion into a further 15 SPAR Express stores. This will be achieved through a partnership with Nakheel United Enterprises LLC by converting retail stores at Al Maha petrol forecourt points in Muscat.

This strategic initiative sees SPAR Oman introducing the voluntary trading model that promotes the cascading of SPAR global knowledge and learning about store formats and design, supply processes, training, retail software and cost efficiency to independent retailers. This is in line with the philosophy with which SPAR was founded in 1932, and is still central to its operations – Through United Co-operation, All Shall Benefit.

Speaking at a press conference announcing the partnership recently, M. Sridhar, CEO, SPAR Oman, said, “We are extremely proud to be on the cusp of launching a new concept in entrepreneurship – one that will benefit the local SMEs through a sub-licencing model; a win-win strategy where we expect to build long-term partnerships with entrepreneurs, and help them grow their business.

“SPAR Oman has developed and constructed its own best practices to bring world-class capabilities under one roof, which allows it to develop a full turnkey operation that can be handed over to the prospective independent retailer. We encourage investors and entrepreneurs who have the willingness to engage in a mutually beneficial partnership to come forward and participate in rolling out the SPAR concept across the entire length and breadth of Oman”.

David Moore, Retail & Development Director, SPAR International, said, “As the world’s largest voluntary food retail chain with over 12,100 stores run by Partners in more than 40 countries, SPAR has the business know-how and expertise in supporting and growing independent retailers, thereby contributing to local development.”

Abdullah Amur Mohammed Al Sawaie – Chairman, Nakheel United Enterprises LLC said, “We are honoured to partner with the international retail brand SPAR that has the experience and expertise to help small businesses. We look forward to this opportunity to engage with SPAR which will help us raise our retail standards to a global level and optimise on back-end operations. This would result in better realisation and profitability which in turn will fuel our growth trajectory.”

Devendra Kumar, Head of SPAR Oman’s Retail Division said, “SPAR’s success story in Oman has been possible because of customers’ acceptance which has been driven by our four core values of Freshness, Choice, Value and Excellent Customer-Service. Over the last 24 months we have expanded to 15 stores in Muscat, and with the launch of the sub-licensing model, we expect to grow multi-fold in the years to come.”

The 15th SPAR Supermarket opened on 10th January, having been converted and modernised from the Khimji chain to SPAR. The convenience focused store has a retail selling area of 395m² of which 85m²  is dedicated to fresh produce, fish and meat. There is an excellent range instore with a very diverse offer including 340 products purchased from India, the Netherlands, South Africa, Belgium, France, South Korea, the United Kingdom and the United States of America.  SPAR Own Brand is prevalent throughout the store with 150 SKU’s being available.

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