NorgesGruppen sadly announce the passing of Torbjørn Johannson

February 3, 2022 IN THE CATEGORY: All News

It is with deep sadness that we share that Torbjørn Johannson (73) passed away quietly and unexpectedly at his home in Oslo on the night of Tuesday, 1 February.

Torbjørn Johannson served as Chairman of ASKO, the wholesale division of NorgesGruppen, as well as numerous ASKO subsidiaries right up until his passing.

Torbjørn has been a prominent figure in the history of NorgesGruppen and ASKO, SPAR’s longstanding and respected partner in Norway. Together with his brother, SPAR International Board Member Knut Hartvig Johannson, Torbjørn was part of the fourth generation of the Joh. Johannson family business. Established in 1886, the Joh. Johannson family business has grown from pioneering the importing, roasting and wholesaling of coffee in Norway, to establishing itself as a leader in wholesale and multi-format retailing in Norway and the Nordics through the growth of the NorgesGruppen group of companies.

Torbjørn has been a key driver of sustainability strategies and innovations within NorgesGruppen and is known for his strong commitment to doing good for both society and the planet.

Torbjørn’s work with ASKO, particularly in the fields of sustainability and technology, has had a far-reaching impact well beyond the shores of Norway. Thanks to his open and gracious nature of sharing knowledge and learning, SPAR colleagues worldwide have benefitted from Torbjørn’s pioneering work while pursuing their own sustainability and innovation projects.

SPAR International wishes to express heartfelt condolences to Torbjørn’s family during this difficult time. He leaves a great legacy and shall be dearly missed. We are very grateful to him and shall remember him with the highest regard.

Source: NorgesGruppen

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