Independent SPAR retailers in Belgium invest in modernisation

October 9, 2023 IN THE CATEGORY: Store openings

Independent retailers Rudi Meeus and the Van der Poel family reopen their SPAR Supermarkets, operating under licence from SPAR Retail Partners Colruyt, now offer greater shopping convenience to their local communities.

SPAR in Tielt-Winge

After a complete renovation, the SPAR Supermarket in Tielt-Winge, Belgium, now features a modern, eco-friendly design. The store first opened 16 years ago and now boasts the latest SPAR Supermarket style. Independent retailer Rudi Meeus and his team have refocused on their wide range of fresh, high-quality products, with some team members having been there since day one.

The renovated store, which briefly closed for the makeover, is now a state-of-the-art and environmentally friendly shopping destination for customers. The updated design prioritises convenience and sustainability, meeting Colruyt’s environmental and energy standards. The store layout is spacious and open, enhancing the overall shopping experience. There is an expanded fruit and vegetable section and an efficient checkout area. With a view to sustainability, energy-efficient cooling units were installed.

This SPAR Supermarket offers an extensive and diverse range of products for daily shopping and special occasions. From authentic specialties like Limousin beef to the finest regional products, the butchery section now includes an open refrigerated cabinet for easy selection of meat, charcuterie, and freshly prepared items. A unique packing system ensures charcuterie freshness for up to a week, with products aimed at small-size households. The store offers a variety of locally sourced products, including a range of wines. To enhance customer service and expand the wine range, two colleagues are currently being trained as sommeliers.

SPAR in Lichtaart

After a three-week remodelling, the SPAR Supermarket in Lichtaart reopened its doors during a festive event, attracting the community. This store showcases the latest SPAR Supermarket style, emphasising an assortment of fresh and local products. Customers enjoyed special discounts, snacks, drinks, and music during the reopening. They also received a historical book about the town of Kasterlee, further celebrating the community.

The renovation added 250m² of retail space to the SPAR Supermarket, offering a wider selection of cold meats, cheese, fresh fruits, and vegetables. The bakery section has also expanded, and a unique ‘Taste Bar’ now offers delicious salads, pizzas, and freshly squeezed juices made onsite, enhancing the shopping experience. The SPAR  Supermarket in Lichtaart has also expanded its opening hours, increasing its convenience for customers. Electric car charging stations and a covered bicycle parking area have been added, recognising shoppers needs.

The Van de Poel family has a rich history in the grocery business, dating back to 1961 when Martha Roes began assisting her mother in running a grocery shop at the age of 14. Martha eventually took over the shop in 1969. In 1996, her son Luc assumed ownership of the SPAR store near Lichtaart’s church. Guy joined the family business in 2010, and by 2011, the current SPAR store had opened its doors. In 2021, they celebrated three significant milestones: 10 years since the new SPAR’s opening, 25 years of a SPAR shop in Lichtaart, and 60 years of Martha’s dedicated involvement in the business.

The store’s dedicated team consists of around 20 permanent employees, along with some flexi-jobbers and students. Luc and Guy work seamlessly together, with Martha as their experienced right-hand person. They have named their own label for the shop’s fresh produce “Martha’s,” known for freshness and quality since 2019. The revamped supermarket continues to focus on Martha’s own label, offering an expanded selection of fresh and local products.

Source: SPAR Retail Partners Colruyt Group

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About SPAR Belgium

SPAR was launched in Belgium in 1947, representing the first step in the brand’s international development. SPAR in Belgium is operated through two businesses: Retail Partners, which is part of the Colruyt Group, and the family-owned retail business Lambrechts.   

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