Healthy lifestyle ideas and recipes from SPAR Partners

November 23, 2016 IN THE CATEGORY: Health, Responsible retailing

  • Healthy lifestyle ideas and recipes from SPAR Partners

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SPAR customers enjoy news and recipes featured in online magazines and our SPAR Partners are meeting this need and developing and communicating with customers in a variety of ways. The publication of online magazines is gaining popularity, ensuring that customers can search recipes and keep themselves updated on new products whilst on the go. While there are many more consumer communication materials than the magazines mentioned below, these give a good overview of topics that shoppers worldwide find interesting and enjoyable.

Six times a year, SPAR South Africa produces the popular Savour magazine, which combines recipes, nutrition advice, exercise tips and news on recent trends and popular places to visit. Launched in 2012, access to past editions ensures shoppers have a wealth of information readily available.

SPAR Austria’s Mahlzeit! (Bon Appetit!) magazine has gained a strong following, with customers not only delighted with the recipe and meal ideas but also the useful tips featured throughout. The website supporting the magazine features many more ideas, hints and videos to do with healthy living.

With the catchy name, Peper & Zout (Pepper & Salt), SPAR Partner Lambrechts in Belgium distributes a magazine to shoppers each month through direct mailing. The magazine can also be viewed via their website which features many great recipes and meal ideas. Still in Belgium, SPAR Retail also provides shoppers with a magazine distributed instore and available online, titled Kook. Packed with recipes and health tips about seasonal foods, this is also a well-read magazine.

One year ago, SPAR Croatia introduced an online magazine ‘cook with us’, which features many great tips on nutrition and hints for healthy living. Shopper reaction to Dobartek has been fantastic and the website with the same name has grown to include many search functions, helping time pressed families find inspiration.

One of the SPAR Partners in Spain, based in Gran Canaria, also has an online magazine, titled Sabor (flavour), which looks at the origin of foods sold, community activities taking place on the island, store activities and more.

And finally, SPAR Italy’s magazine, diVita, incorporates overall health and wellness ideas, features recipes, health advice and food origins. There are regional specialities and seasonal adaptations as well.

These are just a few examples that show how digital marketing solutions are on the rise, with SPAR Partners creating some innovative ways of connecting with customers.

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