SPAR Gran Canaria renews commitment to local farmers

December 27, 2023 IN THE CATEGORY: Sourcing

SPAR Gran Canaria, through its extensive retail network, is a leader in fruit and vegetable sales on the island. Additionally, the company has a strong local sourcing policy which benefits local growers. This year, the company reaffirmed its longstanding commitment to citrus growers in the region of Telde and potato farmers on the island.

Long-term partnerships

SPAR Gran Canaria has for 11 years been in partnership with local farmers in the Telde region. This partnership was recently renewed and will see SPAR continue to promote Telde oranges through its store network. SPAR Gran Canaria expects to sell approximately 258,000 kilos of Telde oranges, marketed under the ‘La Cosecha Canaria de SPAR’ icon. The oranges will be available at 21 SPAR stores in Telde from early December 2023 to the end of January 2024. Should the harvest exceed expectations, SPAR Gran Canaria has committed to extending sales to stores in other municipalities. This ensures that farmers can sell their entire crop of oranges.

Potato farmers supported

SPAR Gran Canaria also renewed the agreement to promote the production and marketing of quality local potatoes on the island of Gran Canaria. Approximately 75,000 kilos of seeds was distributed among the 10 potato farmers included in this 14th agreement. The pre-financing of the seeds which are necessary for the cultivation of quality potatoes is a unique aspect of this agreement.

SPAR Gran Canaria commits to delivering to farmers 75,000 kilos of potato seeds. The seeds will result in an approximate production of 1 million kilos of potatoes, which will likely be available next year between the months of April and September. Through this agreement, farmers have the guarantee that SPAR Gran Canaria will buy 100% of their crop at fair prices.

Local sourcing

For 37 years, SPAR Gran Canaria has played a crucial role in safeguarding the island’s agricultural heritage through its dedication to and support of local growers. Through these enduring commitments, SPAR also continues to provide its customers with a reliable source of fresh, high-quality, locally-produced goods.

Source: SPAR Spain.

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About SPAR Spain

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