Curbing food waste: SPAR Belgium supports potato growers with SOS Patat! campaign

June 9, 2020 IN THE CATEGORY: Climate, Community, Digital and Marketing, Responsible retailing

SPAR Belgium has joined a nationwide campaign to support Belgian potato growers by encouraging consumers to eat more frozen potato products. The campaign aims to prevent that some 750,000 tons of Belgian potatoes are wasted. The potatoes, a real national pride, have piled up in chilled warehouses after sales of potato products fell sharply as a result of COVID-19 and the temporary closure of the catering sector.

The campaign highlights potato products to consumers, encouraging them to support Belgian potato growers by consuming products such as chips, croquettes, and gratin, twice a week. SOS Patat! is supported by major stakeholders in the Belgian potato and retail sectors as well as Too Good To Go, a company committed to countering food waste through its popular app.

As part of the campaign, frozen potato products are promoted through the Too Good To Go smartphone app. Potato products are also highlighted at store level with a variety of eye-catching instore communications and displays.

SPAR Belgium has embraced this campaign within its existing ‘Buy Belgian’ initiative to support local producers. SPAR is adding the SOS Patat! logo to all relevant products in its assortment, as well as to weekly promotions and on digital screens instore.

In this way, the Belgian potato sector can get a welcome sales boost, and producers can start producing new frozen potato products with those 750,000 tons of potatoes.

A number of SPAR Belgium independent retailers have already partnered with Too Good To Go, as have SPAR retailers from various other countries. Through the Too Good To Go App, consumers can buy a ‘mystery box’ of discounted products that are nearing their best-before dates, a welcome move among both price-savvy and environmentally conscious shoppers.

Source: SPAR Belgium partner Colruyt and SPAR Belgium partner Lambrechts

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About SPAR Belgium

SPAR was introduced to Belgium in 1947, representing the first step in the international development of SPAR. SPAR licences have been granted to SPAR Retail (part of the Colruyt Group) and SPAR Lambrechts NV.

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