Reducing waste: SPAR’s recycling programmes

  • The SPAR Norway Recycling Lottery has provided great support for the Red Cross

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  • SPAR Partner Ergon has introduced a scheme to encourage waste recycling

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A number of SPAR Partners have introduced recycling programmes which target waste reduction and negative environmental impacts. These recycling programmes are further seen to benefit the communities in which SPAR operates, creating a win-win situation for all parties involved – reducing environmental impacts of the business whilst improving conditions for local communities.

DESPAR Italy – Ergon

DESPAR Partner Ergon has partnered with a local environmental organisation, Ricicla Ragusa, to make available two trash compactors for plastic bottles and detergent containers at an INTERSPAR and EUROSPAR store in Sicily.

Consumers have welcomed the possibility to be more active in environmental issues and the easy location of the recycling facilities is much appreciated. Furthermore, SPAR customers receive a discount voucher for each bag of waste submitted, which they can directly redeem at the checkout. Customers who scan their National Healthcare card when recycling plastic waste can also obtain a reduction on municipal waste collection tax.

For each plastic bottle recycled, a 2 Euro discount is earned. Greater recycling results in greater discounts which encourages even more participation.

SPAR Norway

SPAR Norway has developed an instore recycling programme, which offers customers the opportunity to participate in a lottery game, whilst returning their empty bottles and cans. As a result of the “Recycling Lottery” in 2015, SPAR Norway were able to collect a total of 2 million NOK (approximately 213,000 Euros), all of which was donated to the Red Cross.

The Recycling Lottery project has been introduced to most SPAR stores in the country. Customers playing the lottery stand the chance of winning up to 1 million NOK (approximately 100,000 Euros). All of the proceeds go to the Red Cross, SPAR Norway’s charity of choice.

SPAR Norway is pleased to have provided support to the humanitarian aid organisation. Another bonus has been the positive environmental aspect of getting more people to recycle.