The SPAR Nutrition Zone at the European Athletics Championships

July 10, 2016 IN THE CATEGORY: Responsible retailing

Within the scope of the European Athletics Championships taking place this week in Amsterdam, SPAR International, proud principal sponsor of European Athletics since 1996, is putting the focus on healthy lifestyles with its SPAR Nutrition Zone.

Through sharing fun food facts, the SPAR Nutrition Zone aims to provide nutritional advice by breaking down the different groups in the food pyramid. The aim is that both current and future generations learn how healthy eating can contribute to growth and development. This is shown onsite with practical and physical information available.

At the SPAR Nutrition Zone in the fan zone at the Olympic Stadium in Amsterdam, the younger visitors can learn about food groups by putting together a plate of food and playing a game whereby they must throw toy food items into the correct holes on a board. The game combines one of the basic elements of athletics – throwing – with nutrition education in a fun way!

There is a nutritionist present onsite, providing advice on how to get kids to eat their greens and stay hydrated. Tips are also shared on fun holiday ideas for the whole family.

Visitors can download recipes and nutritional information from the SPAR Nutrition Zone website, which includes a lunch box planner for busy parents.

In addition, we have a number of downloadable nutrition related activities, including a memory game, which can be played on all mobile devices.