SPAR International signs Preferred Supplier Agreement with RELEX Solutions

February 13, 2023 IN THE CATEGORY: Supply Chain

SPAR International is happy to announce they have signed a Preferred Supplier Agreement with RELEX Solutions. RELEX Solutions helps retailers, wholesale companies, grocers and consumer packaged goods manufacturers drive profitable growth across all sales and distribution channels by maximizing customer satisfaction and minimizing operative costs in a rapidly changing market.

Their market-leading, unified supply chain and retail planning platform helps retailers and consumer goods companies align and optimize demand, merchandise, supply chain, and operations planning across the end-to-end value chain.

They drive record-high product availability, significantly reduced waste, increased sales, improved sustainability, and the best return on investment in inventory, space, workforce, and capacity.

Because of this agreement SPAR Partners receive a 4% introductory discount in the first year on all SaaS-products RELEX offers. Please find below an overview of the solutions RELEX provides.

Our SPAR Partner, the Henderson Group, is already making use of RELEX forecasting and demand software. In this video from the Connected Retail Conference in 2020 they explain the system and how it benefits their organisation.
As SPAR International, we find it important to have agreements in place with Supplier who can support SPAR Partners with the big challenges of the current moment. The main reasons we have onboarded RELEX are the following.

Supply Chain Efficiency and Demand Planning

With RELEX Solutions SPAR Partners are able to create more efficient supply chains with less effect on changes in consumer demands and how they for example can better collaborate with Consumer Packed Good Companies. You can read more on this in this this white paper.

Reducing waste in the Supply Chain

In this blogpost you can find three ways to easily reduce waste in the Supply Chain. Because of their solutions RELEX has recently won among others the award for Best Sustainability Initiative at the NRF in New York.

Having the right products in the right moment of time

Within the SPAR Community and retail in general we see more focus on fresh products. However, fresh products are also a liability in terms of risk on waste. Therefore, having a system in place which supports forecasting and replenishment in this area. Moreover, it is also extremely important to have the right products in your store in the right moment in time. In this white paper you can find an interesting guide on having more efficient seasonal inventory management.

Please visit RELEX’ page on SPAR Connect .