SPAR and WWF Austria co-operation on training

April 20, 2016 IN THE CATEGORY: Environment, People, Responsible retailing, Sourcing

In partnership with WWF Austria, SPAR has introduced the additional course ‘trainees for a sustainable future,’ becoming the first Austrian retail group which integrates environmental protection and responsible consumption into the training available for young people. Topics such as food waste, the importance of biodiversity or sustainable fishing are fixed elements of the programme.

The food trade requires professionals. Therefore, SPAR Austria offers unique courses, for example, certified Fairtrade-Ambassadors or Organic Experts. The new course ‘trainees for a sustainable future’ is the latest addition to their innovative training programme.

Focus on new topics

Currently, 100 SPAR trainees of the SPAR Academy Vienna, all in their second year of training as retail sales persons, are being trained to become Ambassadors in terms of sustainability. The aim is to generate enthusiasm amongst the trainees in four modules and make them aware of these issues. WWF experts explain biodiversity, climate protection, natural resources and responsible fishing to SPAR trainees through workshops and seminars. They also take a critical look at the connection between consumer behaviour and the impact of a non-ecological lifestyle on both humans and nature.

Trainees test their knowledge

Great importance is attached to personal opinions. “The new additional training should not just prepare young people for the working world, it also creates a knowledge base and encourages them to form their own opinions on socio-political topics” says Fritz Poppmeier, Human Resources Director SPAR Austria, enthusiastically. “As the largest private training organisation in Austria, we take our responsibility seriously and set new standards in the training of young people with new ideas and through collaborative arrangements. “At the end of March, SPAR Austria organised a consultation and trading day as well as tastings in about 90 SPAR Gourmet, SPAR, EUROSPAR and INTERSPAR stores in Vienna. In discussions with customers, trainees were able to put their learnt knowledge into practice.

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