SPAR Hungary celebrates the summer with BBQ fun

September 12, 2017 IN THE CATEGORY: Own Brand and Suppliers

BBQ products are one of the favourite summer meals and are becoming increasingly popular among Hungarian consumers. To highlight their high-quality meat products, produced in the company’s meat-processing plant, the SPAR Grill mobile went on tour and SPAR Hungary also broke a national record - the longest meat skewer.

The SPAR Grill Mobile on tour

The SPAR Grill Mobile is on a nationwide tour, promoting a limited number of grilled dishes. In addition to visiting popular holiday destinations and SPAR stores, the food truck has visited several festivals.

Barbecue products and grilled meals have experienced a revival in Hungary, providing easy to prepare, tasty and complete meals, which can be enjoyed by either small or large groups, as well as by the whole family.

The SPAR Grill Mobile tour began in July at the Balaton Sound festival, then demonstrated products at various SPAR stores near Lake Balaton before proceeding to the ‘Nemzetközi Söröm’ Beer festival in Szeged. After joining the FEZEN festival in Székesfehérvár, the tour will conclude at the Budapest Wine Festival in September.

In addition to two traditional grilled dishes – the Hungarian Style Chicken Shashlik and the Pork Shashlik – customers can enjoy the Regnum Grill Dog and the Regnum Grilled Sausage products, as well as the favourite of the last few years, the pulled pork burger. More details on the SPAR Grill Mobile tour can be found on

Record skewer grilled by SPAR in Keszthely

Employees of the INTERSPAR Hypermarket in Keszthely were delighted when they broke a national record. SPAR staff were able to grill a 20-metre skewer in the store’s parking lot – the biggest skewer in Hungary!

For the Regnum skewer record, SPAR Hungary’s shoppers collected centimetres in an online game, which ended with the record-length – exactly 2,000 cm – skewer being grilled. SPAR’s fresh meat expert, Zsolt Vas explained: “skewers are one of the most variable and easily made specialities of barbecues, which are produced in almost all parts of the world, generally using local ingredients. Skewer dishes in Hungarian cuisine – commonly known as shashlik – can be prepared using spiced meat, as well as different vegetables, bacon or mushrooms.”

The properly made 2,000 cm skewer is a new Hungarian record. To create this gigantic meal, 64 kg of meat and vegetables in total were used. The enormous skewer was assembled from 25 pieces, and it took twenty people to place it on the enormous grill, requiring cooking time of 30 minutes. After the record was certified, over 100 guests enjoyed the meal.

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