SPAR UK recruiting additional staff as instore demand increases

April 2, 2020 IN THE CATEGORY: COVID-19

With demand for food supplies on the increase, SPAR UK is recruiting for various temporary roles across stores and distribution centres nationwide. To help manage delivery, SPAR Scotland wholesaler CJ Lang and Son Ltd has added foodservice operator Brakes Scotland drivers to its logistics team. SPAR stores play a vital role in communities throughout the UK, and especially in this time of need, SPAR team members are looking out for customers’ wellbeing and safety.

Recruiting team members
To continue delivering essential services to customers during this difficult time, SPAR UK’s five regional partners are looking for new team members to fill positions in stores and warehouses across the nation. SPAR UK has available a range of positions including retail assistants, warehouse operatives, and drivers.

The various roles have been posted on SPAR UK partners’ job portals and are aimed at applicants who can work flexibly, deliver exceptional customer service, and ideally have experience in the Retail or Hospitality sectors. 

Boosting logistics capacity
Demand is on the increase in SPAR Scotland’s 300 convenience stores, prompting CJ Lang to start utilising Dundee based Brakes’ driver and vehicle resources. This will enable CJ Lang to increase current delivery and logistics capacity, keeping the supply chain moving as well as helping protect local jobs.

“We have access to a constant supply of food and drink products from our warehouse as we continue to experience a huge increase in orders from our SPAR stores”, said Colin McLean, CEO of CJ Lang and Son Ltd.

“Our logistics operation is running smoothly; our warehouse team and drivers have been tremendous in maintaining this constant supply.

“To increase delivery capacities to our 300 SPAR stores across Scotland, we have decided to work with local Dundee based foodservice operator Brakes Scotland, who will provide us with additional transport support. These drivers will support our existing core team of drivers who are doing a fantastic job,” he said.

SPAR has deliveries going out across to all areas of Scotland on a daily basis.

“Everyone in the entire network is working unbelievably hard to maintain a constant supply of product to customers”, McLean added. “We are very appreciative of the work our suppliers are doing in maintaining a good level of stock, and I can’t thank our head office team in Dundee, our independent retailers and company-owned staff enough.”

Sources: SPAR UK, SPAR Scotland


The UK became a member of SPAR in 1956 when a group of independent wholesalers was granted the SPAR licence by SPAR International. There are five regional partners in the UK with strategically placed Distribution Centres in each region. A central office, located in London, provides national marketing and buying services for the group and supports the development of the brand.

SPAR has led the convenience market in the UK for many years but has faced increasing competition. Always innovative, the five regional partners have continued to grow the brand. Throughout the UK, a combination of independently-owned licensed retailers and company-owned stores can be found, spanning forecourts, airports, train stations, city centres, and local neighbourhoods.