SPAR Russia focuses on information technology

December 16, 2019 IN THE CATEGORY: Supply Chain

As growth continues to characterise the business, SPAR Russia recently brought together partners from across the country to participate in a conference titled ‘Information Technologies in Retail in 2030’. This event also saw members of the Association of Independent Retailers of Russia and representatives of leading industry suppliers present to discuss the main challenges and achievements in information technologies in the retail industry.

Participants spanned all segments, reflecting the combined focus on business process optimisation utilising new IT solutions. The 140 delegates and speakers present at the two-day conference included members from seven SPAR Partners and over 25 independent retailers from around Russia.

The diversity of participants was reflected in the varied conference topics including global digitalisation, business analytics, cloud services, big data processing, relevant and effective ERP solutions, digital shelf space management, to highlight just a few.

Individual sessions held during the conference included a section dedicated to omni-channel marketing and loyalty programmes. The moderators of individual sessions were IT directors of SPAR Russia Partners who highlighted how the group continues to invest in growing the brand, opening more stores across the country as well as putting investment into IT solutions and offering ecommerce in limited cities.

Retail businesses need qualified specialists ready to offer high-quality IT services for the industry. Participants were able not only to interact with speakers and exchange knowledge and tools for developing their businesses, but also find suppliers specialising in respective segments of new technologies. A large number of partners involved in the development and implementation of information technology supported the conference by presenting their products, services and solutions to the delegates, which is another great example of sharing insights in a rapidly evolving retail technology landscape, to help SPAR Partners stay at the cutting-edge with next generation technologies.

Source: SPAR Russia

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About SPAR Russia

The first SPAR store in Russia was opened in August 2001, following the granting of the licence by SPAR International to a regional partner. The central office is based in Moscow –supporting regional growth and expansion of the brand.

There are now more than 530 SPAR stores across the country. The success enjoyed by SPAR in Russia is driven by the recruitment of new partners, investing in new stores, and the continued investment in refurbishing existing stores. Expansion has resulted in greater buying power and improved knowledge sharing as the number of SPAR locations increases.