SPAR Qatar communicate preventive measures

March 25, 2020 IN THE CATEGORY: COVID-19

In Qatar, SPAR operates larger supermarkets which are stand-alone or part of a shopping mall. When the COVID-19 outbreak began to affect the country's citizens, SPAR Qatar announced a series of measures aimed at reducing the spread of the virus throughout their stores.

Their sanitation procedures have been increased in frequency, ensuring full adherence to the local authorities recommendations and a safe environment for customers and colleagues. Amongst others, they sterilise the entire store interior daily including shopping trollies and baskets, the checkout area, walls and floors. All customers have access to a hand disinfectant at the store’s entrance, before collecting their basket or trolley.

Instore, personal hygiene of colleagues was always of a high standard but there are reminders for the team to wash hands with soap and water as well as to use the hand santizers situated all around the store.

Messaging instore includes information about maintaining social distance particularly when approaching the check-out counter, to avoid entering a very busy store or aisle and to shop individually rather than in groups.

A direct message went out to all customers through digital media reassuring them of the adoption of all measures to ensure a safe shopping environment. They have maintained their regular opening hours, reassuring shoppers of sufficient product available to meet everyone’s needs. (

A heartfelt thank you to all of the team at retail and wholesale levels was also shared in the same message, recognising the dedication and commitment to maintaining the highest possible standards of hygiene, customer service and availability of product at all times.

About SPAR Qatar

Al Wataniya International Holding, the licence partner for Qatar, joined SPAR in 2015 and has focused on establishing the most appropriate retail and supply chain model for the brand. The first SPAR store opened in November 2017 and as of December 2018, there were three SPAR stores in operation in the country.