SPAR Poland’s communication seeks to reduce spread of COVID-19

March 31, 2020 IN THE CATEGORY: COVID-19

Using a full series of communication tools online and instore, SPAR Poland is advising consumers that their stores have adapted opening times and that product replenishment is ongoing. Furthermore, extensive protective measures have been adopted throughout the stores, assuring the health and safety of both customers and colleagues.

Protective measures

At the check-out counters and service departments, in addition to floor markings indicating appropriate social distance as set by the authorities, safety screens are being installed across the entire retail portfolio. Fresh products are now available as pre-packed items, reducing the time customers need to spend at service departments and fresh counters.

Additionally, all employees have been equipped with masks or face screens, aprons and gloves. SPAR International supported SPAR Poland in sourcing hand sanitizers as well as protective clothing through its global connections. Extra training has been given to retail teams on cleaning procedures, rotation of colleagues reduces the risk of infection and shorter working hours have been introduced.

Social distancing

With a number of stores having a small retail sales area, restrictions have been set for customers shopping at the same time, with 3 shoppers at one time in stores of less than 100m2.

The recommendation of 1m distance is applied throughout the store with clear floor markings and traffic flow.

Social responsibility

In addition to clear information instore about the correct shopping behaviour for all customers, SPAR Poland has introduced a pensioner’s shopping hour between 10:00-12:00. At the entrance, senior shoppers are given gloves and face protection and additionally, they are supported with sanitization of cash.

Support has been given to local hospitals by providing gloves and masks, working with retail partners to reach a wider group of medical facilities.

Printing and distribution of special offer leaflets have been suspended, with digital channels clearly illustrating what’s on offer, helping customers to prepare shopping lists before entering the store.

“Thank you to all our employees in SPAR stores – they show great responsibility for their own safety as well as for customers and colleagues. They wear masks and gloves and frequently disinfect their work areas, cash registers and terminals. The crisis team at SPAR Poland is in constant contact with our independent partners to develop new solutions and preventive actions in relation to the pandemic, “said Tomasz Syller, Managing Director and Board member of SPAR Poland.

Source: SPAR Poland

About SPAR Poland

Poland became a member of SPAR in 1995 and the first SPAR store opened in 1996. Following a series of changes to the ownership of the company, expansion and growth have been strong over the years, particularly in certain regions of the country, such as Warsaw. Most recently, a new licence has been granted by SPAR International, which sees SPAR South Africa investing heavily in the retail chain previously trading as Piotr i Paweł.