SPAR Partners innovate in providing groceries to at-risk groups

April 7, 2020 IN THE CATEGORY: COVID-19, Health

The COVID-19 pandemic is forcing at-risk groups to stay home, hampering their ability to perform everyday tasks such as grocery shopping. Through innovative services and initiatives, and sometimes in collaboration with other organisations, SPAR Partners are presenting customers with novel shopping options and alternative services to make sure all customers have access to daily groceries.

SPAR Austria has come up with a plan to help facilitate volunteer home delivery to at-risk groups in Salzburg, Vorarlberg, Carinthia, Lower Austria, and Tyrol. As part of SPAR Austria’s plan, municipalities take on the coordination of volunteers, inquiries from those in need of assistance, as well as billing. The volunteers receive a shopping ID from the municipality, which they can use to shop at SPAR stores for people in risk groups and then deliver these groceries right to their doorstep.

To further reduce direct contact and to simplify shopping for risk groups, SPAR Austria also recommends paying with voucher cards that can be purchased and redeemed at INTERSPAR, EUROSPAR, and SPAR stores. Risk groups depending on the delivery of food often give relatives and volunteers money for the purchase in advance or hand over cash when the groceries are delivered at their front door. In these cases, the voucher cards offer a safe and convenient alternative method of payment.

A SPAR store in Botswana is offering home delivery to households within a 10km radius. Customers can get their groceries delivered to their doorstep and avoid long queues and exchanging cash, thanks to a no-contact delivery service. The service is exclusively available at SPAR G West, orders can be placed via the #myfoodnessapp.

At all other stores across the country, a newly introduced call and collect service enables customers to avoid entering the supermarkets, especially during peak hours.

SPAR Hungary has partnered with the largest taxi company in Hungary, Főtaxi Group, to launch a new home delivery service called TAXI SHOPPING. Due to the current curfew, grocery shopping has become more difficult for many people, especially those in high-risk groups. The new service offers a solution for people who prefer to stay home during the pandemic. 

Since a state of emergency was declared in Hungary last week, Főtaxi Group has experienced a steep decline in business. This cooperation with SPAR provides the passenger transport service with innovative business opportunities to preserve workplaces and social usefulness.

SPAR Nigeria has introduced online ordering for home delivery. Having seen that shoppers were purchasing larger volumes than normal of many products, SPAR Nigeria put together a series of essential kit products for easy ordering, making the online ordering process quick and simple. Customers can also create their grocery lists from a wide variety of food and drink items on the site.

Northern Ireland 
SPAR and EUROSPAR Supermarkets in Northern Ireland have expanded their home delivery services, enabling more customers to stay at home. The growing number of SPAR and EUROSPAR stores offering this service can be found here. SPAR Northern Ireland is part of the Henderson Group, licence holder for SPAR Brand in their market.

SPAR Norway has launched a new online Shopping Help to make it easier to shop for a friend or relative in need of assistance. On SPAR Norway’s website, customers can make a shopping list by picking items from the assortment at the nearest participating store.

Once the list is made, they can text or email it with additional comments to a friend, someone in the family, a neighbour or a colleague, who can then lend a helping hand. 

SPAR Switzerland is offering free home deliveries for high-risk groups nationwide in cooperation with ZÄMÄDIHEI. This platform provides various volunteer support services to vulnerable people who have to stay at home.

For SPAR customers who are currently unable to visit the store, volunteers have been arranged to shop in their place. Since the platform was launched on 18 March, over a hundred new volunteers have registered daily. 

SPAR Thailand now also offers home delivery from 22 stores. Customers can browse the product assortment online and place their order via a dedicated phone line. Deliveries take place from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m., and delivery fees are calculated based on distance from the SPAR store in question.

Beyond this SPAR delivery service, customers can order SPAR products using popular food delivery apps such as LINEMAN for fast and convenient delivery. From 1-30 April, SPAR Thailand is adding a free tea beverage worth 45 baht (€1.27) to delivery orders above 250 baht.